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WGB1201.docWP1RapporteurDraft Agenda0
WGB1202.docWP2RapporteurList of working papers0
WGB1203.docWP3EurocontrolVDL Mode 2 frequency planning results3, 6, 70
WGB1204.docWP4SecretaryCommon signaling channel for VDL Mode 430
WGB1205.docWP5EurocontrolClarification about Eurocontrol and DFS VDL Mode 2 to DSB-AM interference measurements50
WGB1206.docWP6SecretaryProposed VDL frequency plan (information paper from the Frequency Management Group of the EANPG)30
WGB1207.docWP7EurocontrolPlan for frequency testing of VDL Mode 440
WGB1208.docWP8J. KitaoriVDL Mode 3 to DSB-AM interference test60