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wp1.docWP1RapporteurDraft Agenda0
wp2.docWP2EurocontrolProposed modifications to the ground-ground interference scenario30
wp3.docWP3AirbusInterference tests linked to VDL Mode 2 integration on Airbus aircraft30
wp4_rev1.docWP4Dr. Armin SchlerethReport on test procedures and measurements results for the development of frequency planning criteria for VDL Mode 44, 50
wp4_rev1_appendix_I_part_1.docWP4Dr. Armin SchlerethAppendix I-part 2 to WP 44, 50
wp4_rev1.zipWP4Dr. Armin SchlerethAppendix I-part 1 to WP 44, 50
wp4_rev1_appendix_I_part_2.docWP4Dr. Armin SchlerethAppendix I-part 3 to WP 44, 50
wp4_rev1_appendix_I_part_3.docWP4Dr. Armin SchlerethAppendix I-part 4 to WP 44, 50
wp4_rev1_appendix_I_part_4.docWP4Dr. Armin SchlerethWorking paper 4 +Appendices 1, 2, 3 and 4 in zipped format4, 50
wp5.docWP5EurocontrolNew VDL mode 2 test results and proposal for frequency planning criteria40
wp5.zipWP5EurocontrolWorking paper 5 in zipped format40
wp6_rev1.docWP6Ed Coleman and Bob FrazierVDL Mode 3 to DSB-AM interference testing40
wp7.docWP7SecretaryCompatibility between FM sound broadcasting and aeronautical services in the band 108-137 MHz60
wp9.docWP9EurocontrolClarification on -93dBM issue for VDL Mode 230
wp10.docWP10Robert FrazierDSB-AM versus TDMA VDL Mode 3 capacity study40
wp12.pptWP12Thales communication sVDL Mode 2 to DSB-AM interference40
wp13.docWP13SITAVDL Mode 2 interference tests40
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flimsy1.pptFlimsy1Robert FrazierCapacity study distance40