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WP2.zipWP2Dr. A. SchlerethTest procedures and results for the development of frequency planning criteria for VDL Mode 40
WP3.docWP3SecretaryGlobal signalling channel for VDL Mode 40
WP4.zipWP4EurocontrolVDL Mode 2 test results and frequency planning criteria proposal0
WP5.zipWP5EurocontrolGound-ground propagation attenuation applicability to VHF frequency planning criteria0
WP6.docWP6EurocontrolMinimum expected signal at the VDL Mode 2 antenna0
WP7.docWP7EurocontrolEvaluation of practical impacts on frequency management for the separation of VDL Mode 2 and DSB-AM services0
REPORTB10.docWP8SITAVDL-ACARS adjacent channel interference results0
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Flimsy1.docFlimsy1John MettropCurrent status of work within AMCP-WG B0
Flimsy2.docFlimsy2Larry JohnssonProposed frequency planning criteria for VDL Mode 40