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IRD-SWG07 - Meeting Report 09-11 January 2007 Rev1.docRPT1Meeting Report
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IRD-SWG07-WP01-Draft Agenda.docWP1RapporteurAgenda
IRD-SWG07-WP02 - Validation Manual v0.5_Jan0607.docWP2Kelly O’Keefe and Mike MezaReport on the Validation of the Requirements in the AMS(R)S SARPs for Iridium - Revision 0.5
IRD-SWG07-WP03 - ICAO AMS(R)S Manual Part 1 - 061101v01_dec05edits.docWP3Kelly O’Keefe and Mike MezaDraft Manual for AMS(R)S - Part I - Revision 0.1
IRD-SWG07-WP04 - Draft AMS(R)S SARPs after review by ANC.docWP4SecretariatDraft AMS(R)S SARPs after final review by ANC
Part 2 Iridium Implementation Manual_Jan06.zipWP5Kelly O’Keefe and Mike MezaDraft Manual for AMS(R)S - Part II
IRD07-WP06 - Cargolux and Iridium.pptWP6Bernard KorsecCargolux - planned use of the Iridium satellite network
IRD-SWG07-WP07 - ICG GENERAL.pptWP7Armin JabsEvolution of aircraft communications
IRD-SWG07-WP08 - ACARS APP NOTE.pdfWP8Armin JabsIntroduction to ACARS Messaging Services
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IRD-SWG07-IP01 - FANS 1.pptIP1Bernard KorsecOperational Experience with FANS 1/A ADS and CPDLC