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IRD-SWG05-Final_Report.docRPT1Meeting Report
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IRD-SWG05-WP01-Draft Agenda.docWP1RapporteurDraft Agenda
IRD-SWG05-WP02-ICAO Iridium Technical Specification - 060809 v1.2.docWP2SecretariatIridium manual version 1.2
IRD-SWG05-WP03 - ITT SATCOM Availability Analysis.docWP3Steve HenriksenFuture Communications Study Technology Evaluation – SATCOM Availability Analysis
IRD-SWG05-WP04-ICAO Iridium Technical Specification - 060821 v1.21.docWP4SecretariatDraft Iridium Manual version 1.21
IRD-SWG05-WP06-ICAO Iridium Implementation_Technical - 060821 v1.3_mm.zipWP6Mike MezaDraft Iridium Manual version 1.3
IRD-SWG05-WP07-SATCOM Availability Analysis.pptWP7Steve HenriksenPresentation on SATCOM Availability Analysis
IRD-SWG05-WP08-ICAO Iridium Implementation_Technical - 060824 v1.32.zipWP8Mike MezaDraft Iridium Manual Version 1.32
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IRD-SWG05-IP01-Draft ATN IPS SARPS and manual.zipIP1SecretariatDraft ATN/IPS SARPs and guidance material
IRD-SWG05-IP02-AMS(R)S_SARPs_SL.2006.008.APPC.EN.docIP2SecretariatDraft AMS(R)S SARPs as contained in ATTACHMENT C to State letter AN 7/1.3.89-06/8