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IRD-SWG03-Meeting Report.docPRT1
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IRD-SWG03-WP01-Draft Agenda.docWP01RapporteurDraft Agenda
IRD-SWG03-WP02-Draft Iridium AMS(R)S Tech Manual 110105.pdfWP02RapporteurDRAFT Iridium AMS(R)S Technical Manual - output document from the second meeting
IRD-SWG03-WP03-Implementation Manual for Iridium Satellite Communications Svc 110205.docWP03Kathryn MartinOutline for an Iridium AMS(R)S Implementation Manual
IRD-SWG03-WP04-EFCL0246 Iridium Matrices from Nov 2005 ICAO.pdfWP04Chuck LaBergeCross Reference Matrices AMS(R)S SARPs (2005)-Acceptability Criteria-DO-270-DO-262
IRD-SWG03-WP05-Draft Iridium AMS(R)S Tech Manual - 021506.pdfWP05Hon LamDraft Iridium AMS(R)S Technical Manual
IRD-SWG03-WP06-Iridium Implementation Manual 021506.pdfWP06Mike MezaDraft Iridium Implementation Manual
IRD-SWG03-WP07-verificationMatrix.pdfWP07Hon LamVerification Matrix
IRD-SWG03-WP08-Ad-Hoc copy of AMCP WGA WP599 Iridium acceptability.pdfWP08Chuck LaBergeWP599 from AMCP WGA Meeting, Phoenix, January 1999