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IRD-SWG01-Meeting Report.docPRT1
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IRD-SWG01-WP01-Draft Agenda.docWP1SecretariatDraft Agendaall
IRD-SWG01-WP02-Working paper template.docWP2SecretariatWorking paper templateall
IRD-SWG01-WP03-ACP-WGW01-Report on A.I.3.docWP3SecretariatReport of the first meeting of the ACP Working Group of the Whole (21 - 29 June 2005) on Agenda Item 33
IRD-SWG01-WP04-ACP-WGW01-Report on A.I.3-Appendix A.docWP4SecretariatDraft AMS(R)S SARPs as recommended by ACP for amendment of Annex 10, Volume III, Part I, Chapter 43
IRD-SWG01-WP05-Draft Iridium AMS(R)S Tech Manual 092005.pdfWP5Hon LamDraft New Iridium Technical Manual4