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UAT-9 Meeting Report - February 2005.pdfRPT1
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UAT-SWG09-WP-Summary.pdfLoWPRapporteurList of Working Papers
UAT-SWG09-WP01 - Agenda for Ninth Meeting of UAT Subgroup Montreal-R1.pdfWP1RapporteurDraft Agenda
UAT-SWG09-WP02 - Draft Summary of UAT-8.docWP2RapporteurDRAFT Summary of Eighth UAT Meeting, Langen, Germany, 31 January – 2 February 2005
UAT-SWG09-WP03 - Pseudorandom.pdfWP3Warren WilsonDefinition of the UAT Pseudorandom Payload
UAT-SWG09-WP04 - Comments UAT Tech Manual-V3-x.pdfWP4SecretariatComments, questions and suggested changes to the UAT Technical Manual
UAT-SWG09-WP06 - Draft RF SARPS V4-1.pdfWP6RapporteurDraft RF SARPs for UAT, Revision 4.1
UAT-SWG09-WP07 - Validation-Report-RF-SARPS-V1-4.pdfWP7RapporteurDRAFT Validation Report for the RF SARPS for UAT Revision 1.4
UAT-SWG09-WP08 - UAT Tech Manual-V3-1.pdfWP8RapporteurTechnical Manual on the Universal Access Transceiver (UAT), Revision 3.1
UAT-SWG09-WP09 - Validation-Report-Tech Manual-V05.pdfWP9RapporteurDRAFT Validation Report for the Technical Manual on the Universal Access Transceiver (UAT) Revision 0.5
UAT-SWG09-WP10 - VCRI-V3-4.pdfWP10RapporteurDRAFT Validation Cross Reference Index for the UAT SARPS and Technical Manual Version 3.4
UAT-SWG09-WP11 - UAT-IM-V1-2.pdfWP11RapporteurImplementation Manual Revision 1.2
UAT-SWG09-WP13 - Garmin SARPS Report-SMR.pdfWP13Tom MosherGDL 90 UAT Data Link Sensor - 2nd Technical Report
UAT-SWG09-WP14 - UAT-IM-App_B-mod-R2.pdfWP14Larry BachmanImplementation Manual - Appendix B - UAT System Performance Simulation Results
UAT-SWG09-WP15 - TACAN power table.pdfWP15Larry BachmanProposal for replacement text and table for the UAT Implementation Manual, §7.2 (separation distance as a function of TACAN power)
UAT-SWG09-WP16 - UAT-IM-App_D-Draft-V06.pdfWP16Tom PaganoUAT Receiver Performance in the Presence of JTIDS/MIDS, DME/TACAN and Self-Interference Draft V0.6
UAT-SWG09-WP17 - FAATC Test Results.pdfWP17Tom PaganoAdditional UAT SARPS Validation Test Results
UAT-SWG09-WP18 - FEC Parity Validation.pdfWP18Tom PaganoUnit Testing of FEC Parity and Interleaving Procedure
UAT-SWG09-WP19 - Sensis Validation GBT test report.pdfWP19Ed ValovageUAT GBT Technical Report
UAT-SWG09-WP20 - Non-A1H Formats Testing.pdfWP20Robert Burns and Tom PaganoTest results of Unit Testing of the non-A1H Message Fields
UAT-SWG09-WP21 - Sensis GBT Vaildation Issues Discussion.pdfWP21Ed ValovageUAT Ground Station Validation Notes and References
UAT-SWG09-WP22 - Pulsed Interference Validation Discussion.pdfWP22Tom PaganoA discussion on pulsed interference validation requirements of the draft UAT SARPs
UAT-SWG09-WP23 - Garmin SARPS Report Three.pdfWP23Tom MosherGarmin Test Report three on Receiver Tolerance to Pulsed Interference
UAT-SWG09-WP24 - Bit_Clock_Frequency_Offset_Estimation.pdfWP24David Thomas and Tom PaganoAnalysis of the UAT Bit Clock Frequency Offset Estimation
UAT-SWG09-WP25 - DO-282A-App_H.pdfWP25RapporteurUAT MOPS, RTCA/DO-282A, Appendix H, as referenced during UAT SARPs Validation Testing
UAT-SWG09-WP26 - DO-282A-App_M.pdfWP26RapporteurUAT MOPS, RTCA/DO-282A, Appendix M, as referenced during UAT SARPs Validation Testing
UAT RF SARPS V4-2.pdfSARPsRapporteurDraft RF SARPs for UAT, Revision 4.2
UAT Tech Manual-V3-2.pdfUAT TMRapporteurTechnical Manual on the Universal Access Transceiver, Revision 3.2
UAT-Implementation Manual-V1-3.pdfUAT IMRapporteurImplementation Manual Revision 1.3