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UAT-7 Meeting Report - November 2004.docRPT1
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UAT-SWG07-WP01 - Agenda for UAT SWG07  Montreal.pdfWP1RapporteurAgenda
UAT-SWG07-WP02 - Subgroup Report of 6th Mtg Sept04.pdfWP2RapporteurSummary of Sixth UAT SWG Meeting, 15 – 17 September 2004
UAT-SWG07-WP03 - Frequency Stability.pdfWP3W. J. WilsonThe Effect of Frequency Offsets on UAT Performance: Why 20 PPM?
UAT-SWG07-WP04 - Eye Diagram rectangle.pdfWP4W. J. WilsonThe Rationale for the Revised Requirement in SARPs Section 12.4.3.b
UAT-SWG07-WP05 - IM App_D v01.pdfWP5T. PaganoDraft of Appendix D of the UAT Implementation Manual v0.1
UAT-SWG07-WP06 - 4 TCRs on UAT CE2015.pdfWP6L. BachmanSimulated Results for Delivery of Four Trajectory Change Reports over UAT in Core Europe 2015
UAT-SWG07-WP07 - Draft Implementation Manual-V06.pdfWP7RapporteurDraft Implementation Manual for the Universal Access Transceiver (UAT), Revision 0.5
UAT-SWG07-WP08 - Validation-Report-RF-SARPS-V1-0.pdfWP8RapporteurDraft Validation Report for the RF SARPS for UAT Revision 1.0
UAT-SWG07-WP09 - Validation-Report-Tech Manual-V02.pdfWP9RapporteurDraft Validation Report for the Technical Manual on the Universal Access Transceiver (UAT), Revision 0.2
UAT-SWG07-WP10 - Draft VCRI-V3-0.pdfWP10RapporteurDraft Validation Cross Reference Index for the UAT SARPS and Technical Manual, Version 3.0
UAT-SWG07-WP11 - Garmin Data Request.pdfWP11T. PaganoTest Data Requested From Garmin
UAT-SWG07-WP12 - Unit 2 UAT Test Procedure and Report.pdfWP12R. SaffellTest Results from Unit #2, A3 Transmitter
UAT RF SARPS Version 4-0.pdfRF SARPSRapporteurDraft RF SARPs for UAT, Revision 4.0
UAT Tech Manual-V3-0.pdfTechnical ManualRapporteurTechnical Manual on the Universal Access Transceiver (UAT) Revision 3.0
UAT-Implementation Manual-V1-0.zipImpl. ManualRapporteurImplementation Manual for the Universal Access Transceiver (UAT) Revision 1.0