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UAT-6 Meeting Report - September 2004.pdfRPT1
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UAT-SWG06-WP01 - Agenda for Sixth Mtg - Madrid.pdfWP1RapporteurAgenda
UAT-SWG06-WP02 - Draft Summary of 5th Mtg March 2004.pdfWP2RapporteurDraft summary of fifth meeting ICAO headquarters, Montreal, Canada, 1 – 4 March 2004
UAT-SWG06-WP03 - Draft RF SARPS V3-1.pdfWP3RapporteurDraft RF SARPs for UAT, Revision 3.1
UAT-SWG06-WP04 - UAT Tech Manual-V2-1.pdfWP4RapporteurDraft technical manual on the Universal Access Transceiver (UAT), revision 2.1
UAT-SWG06-WP05 - Draft Implementation Manual-V04.pdfWP5RapporteurDraft implementation manual for the Universal Access Transceiver (UAT), revision 0.4
UAT-SWG06-WP06 - Draft -VCRI V2-1.pdfWP6RapporteurDraft Validation Cross Reference Index for the UAT SARPS and technical manual, Version 2.1
UAT-SWG06-WP07 - Draft Validation-Report-RF-SARPS-V01.pdfWP7RapporteurDraft validation report for the RF SARPS for UAT revision 0.1
UAT-SWG06-WP08 - Draft Validation-Report-Tech Manual-V01.pdfWP8RapporteurDraft validation report for the technical manual on the Universal Access Transceiver (UAT) Revision 0.1
UAT-SWG06-WP09 - Validation Testing Briefing.pdfWP9W. J. HughesValidation testing activities
UAT-SWG06-WP10 - Validation Results for Air to Air.pdfWP10RapporteurValidation results flight tests air-air performance
UAT-SWG06-WP11 - UAT_SARPs_A3-Tx-update_092004.pdfWP11Robert SaffellUniversal access transceiver (UAT) A3_transmitter development ICAO SARPS validation
UAT-SWG06-WP12 - ALL_GDL-90_SARPS_Graphics.pdfWP12GDL-90 spectrum
UAT-SWG06-WP13 - SARPs UAT Avionics Results Summary.pdfWP13GDL-90 – SARPS RF test results
UAT-SWG06-WP14 - TimeSlot.pdfWP14W. J. Wilson Chris MoodyAssigning uplink resources for the Universal Access Transceiver
UAT-SWG06-WP15 - SSGWP6 UAT to DME v3.pdfWP15Mike BiggsDME Operation in the presence of UAT signals