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UAT-4 Meeting Report - June 2003.docRPT1
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UAT-SWG04-WP01 - Agenda for Fourth Mtg.pdfWP1RapporteurAgenda
UAT-SWG04-WP02 - DFS_UAT Impact on DME.pdfWP2Armin SchleretnUAT impact on DME; compatibility measurement description and results; frequency planning criteria
UAT-SWG04-WP03 - Summary of 3rd Mtg April 2003.pdfWP3RapporteurSummary of the 3rd meeting
UAT-SWG04-WP04 - Draft RF SARPS V1-4.pdfWP4Draft RF SARPs v 1.4
UAT-SWG04-WP05 - Draft Tech Manual-V0-4 .pdfWP5Draft technical manual v 0.4
UAT-SWG04-WP06 - Draft VCRI-V0-2.pdfWP6Draft validation cross reference index
UAT-SWG04-WP07 - Draft Validation Plan-V0-2.pdfWP7Larry BachmanDraft validation plan for UAT SARPs v 0.2
UAT-SWG04-WP08 - Equipage ID_ICAO.pdfWP8Larry BachmanDetermination of transmitter equipage category on the UAT ADS-B data link through the use of received message types
UAT-SWG04-WP09 - FourTCRs_ICAO.pdfWP9Larry BachmanSimulated results for delivery of four trajectory change reports over UAT in core Europe 2015
UAT-SWG04-WP10 - Ground-Air Perform.pdfWP10Larry BachmanUAT ground to air performance
UAT-SWG04-WP11 - Receiver_performance_ICAO.pdfWP11Larry BachmanSimulated results for UAT ADS-B and ground uplink message sensitivity
UAT-SWG04-WP12 - TIS-B hotspot analysis for UAT_1.pdfWP12TIS-B hotspot analysis for UAT_1