Training Developers Courses (TDC)​





Host Training Centre
Civil Aviation Technical College of Iran (CATC)‎
19 to 30 April 2014EnglishClick HereClick HereIsmail Fraji:
28 April to 9 May 2014EnglishClass FullClass FullMekki Lahlou:
Aerdrome & Aviation Centre of Excellence, Dublin Airport Authority (AACE)‎
12 to 23 May 2014EnglishClick HereClick HereMr. Eoin Ryan:
Incheon Airport Aviation Academy (IAAA)
9 to 20 June 2014English Click HereClick HereJames Yi :
Centre Francais de Formation des Pompiers d'Aeroport (C2FPA)
16 to 27 June 2014FrenchClick HereClick HereMrs. Nathalie Passelaigue: ‎
El Centro Internacional de Instrucción de ASA (CIIASA)
18 to 29 August 2014SpanishClick HereClick Here‎Lic. Aline Becerril Vega:
Gulf Centre for Aviation Studies (GCAS)
7 to 18 September 2014EnglishClick HereClick HereMr. Abdel-Qader M. Abu Salim:
Aerdrome & Aviation Centre of Excellence, Dublin Airport Authority (AACE)‎
15 to 26 September 2014EnglishClick HereClick HereMr. Eoin Ryan:
6 to 17 October 2014EnglishClick HereClick HereMekki Lahlou:



 * Other courses are being planned and will be posted once they are confirmed. 

1.    Purpose of the Course:
The Training Developer Course (TDC) is prepared by ICAO's Aviation Safety Training Section (AST), Air Navigation Bureau (ANB), and offered to the Aviation Community through the TRAINIAR PLUS Centres. The TDC is the core training activity in the TRAINAIR PLUS Programme. This is the main tool to consolidate the implementation of the programme among Civil Aviation Training Centres (CATCs) and creation of a team of updated and well trained professionals as course developers to work on Course Development Units.
2.    Learning Objectives:
The course provides professionals with advanced techniques for applying the Instructional Systems Development methodology (ISD) under the TRAINAIR PLUS Programme. This is a complete instructional development workshop with focus on the practical aspects of developing training and educational programs.
The course will train civil aviation course developers to design and develop Standardized Training Packages (STPs) for TRAINAIR PLUS competency-based training standards by either upgrading existing conventional courses developed by the CATC become an TP STP or create a new TP STP.
After having successfully completed the course, the trainees will be able to identify the TRAINAIR PLUS training development methodological standards to:
  • Analyse training needs and choose strategies
  • Analyse jobs and target populations
  • Determine training objectives
  • Sequence objectives and group them into modules
  • Prepare and validate tests
  • Design modules
  • Produce and validate training material
  • Assist in On the Job Training planning and monitoring


    3.    Target Population:

  • Experienced civil aviation training instructors and aviation professionals who are dedicated to the implementation  of competency-based training programmes and development of courses with international standards.
  • Training managers, supervisors and professionals who want to increase their productivity as developers of  training and educational programs.

4.    Pre-requisites and Qualification Requirements for Participants

  • University degree or equivalent qualifications and experience in one or more civil aviation fields or in Human Resources Development and Training.
  • Qualification as an instructor with at least 5 years’ practical experience or equivalent aviation professional field experience.
  • Experience in the preparation of a wide range of training aids and their effective incorporation into a training programme.  (Desirable)
  • Computer skills using contemporary software programmes
  • Good oral and written command of English language. 


5.    Course Content (Agenda)
  • Competency-based Training Methodology
  • Competency-based Training Methodology
  • Preliminary Analysis
  • Job Analysis
  • Population Analysis
  • Design of Curriculum
  • Design of Modules
  • Production and Developmental Testing
  • Validation

6.    Documentation for Trainees
Training Development Guidelines, 2011. ICAO Doc. 9941
Course material




7.          Certificat


Official certificate will be issued by ICAO

Course Schedule :



Opening Ceremony
Course Introduction
Preliminary Study
Job Analysis
Population Analysis
Design of Curriculum
Preliminary Study
Job Analysis
Job Analysis
Population Analysis
Design of Curriculum
Design of Curriculum
Design of Modules
Design of Modules
Production and Developmental Testing
Course Critique and Graduation
  Design of Curriculum
Design of Modules
Design of Modules
Bon Voyage



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