Participants of the 4th Meeting of the TRAINAIR PLUS Steering Committee held at ICAO HQ on 2 April 2014 with ICAO Secretary General, Mr. Raymond Benjamin.
The 4th TRAINAIR PLUS Steering Committee meeting was held on 2 April 2014 at ICAO Headquarters. This meeting allowed Members to meet and discuss the current status of the Programme, as well as the upcoming milestones.
Members who attended the TPSC/4 are:

The first CDI/STD was hosted by the Gulf Centre for Aviation
Studies (GCAS), from 17 to 19 March 2014, in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. ICAO’s main objective in organizing TRAINAIR PLUS Course Developers and Instructors Standardization (CDI/STD) Meetings is to promote and enhance training effectiveness and efficiency, and to provide a unique platform for training professionals to exchange their knowledge and skills in the areas of instructional design and training delivery, as well as share best practices, discuss challenges, and identify opportunities for the improvement of training deliverables.

The meeting was organized into eight panels, which addressed instructor competencies and the main processes of course development and training delivery. Ninety-two participants from thirty-two Member States attended the first CDI/STD in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, from 17 to 19 March 2014. The list of participants, presentations and meeting report are located on the meeting website at http://www.icao.int/safety/TrainairPlus/Pages/TRAINAIR-PLUS-Course-Developers-and-Instructors-Standardization-Meeting-(CDI-STD).aspx

Picture: Participants of the 1st CDI/STD Meeting held in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, from 17 to 19 March 2014.

The first face-to-face session of the Training Instructors Course (TIC) was held in Madrid, Spain, from 7 to 11 April 2014. It was hosted by the TRAINAIR PLUS Associate Member, Servicios y Estudios para la Navegación Aérea y la Seguridad Aeronáutica (SENASA). The course was attended by 14 participants from Spain, Colombia and the Czech Republic, who all received their TRAINAIR PLUS Training Instructors certificate. 

The purpose of the TIC is to enable participants to conduct training courses in accordance with ICAO’s instructor competencies and develop the required training strategies for course delivery. The TIC trains instructors to deliver STPs, based on the TRAINAIR PLUS methodology, as well as conventional courses. 
To learn more about the TIC course and to view the schedule of TIC courses, please refer to  http://www.icao.int/safety/TrainairPlus/Pages/Training-Instructors-Courses.aspx .
Should you wish to host a TIC at your Training Centre, we invite you to contact us at trainairplus@icao.int.

Due to unforeseen circumstances, the 2nd TRAINAIR PLUS Global Symposium has been rescheduled to convene from 9 to 12 December 2014. The event, to be held at Hotel King Fahd Palace in Dakar, Senegal, is hosted by l’Agence pour la Securité de la Navigation Aérienne en Afrique et à Madagascar (ASECNA).
For more information and for registration, please click here.

Phase two of the TPeMS was successfully launched and is currently operational. The new features of this phase include:
  • Development and upload of initial STP and subsequent STPs;
  • Comprehensive membership application;
  • Reassessment process for current Members;
  • Self-assessment for new Members and current Members; and
  • Uploading mechanism for invoices and budgets.
Phase three of the TPeMS is in the process of being implemented and is expected to be operational by 15 May 2014. The new features of this phase will include:
  • Application to host a TRAINAIR PLUS Course such as the TDC, TIC or TMC; 
  • Automated functions for instructor selection, course material download, and training delivery. 

Since our last newsletter in January 2014, we are pleased to inform you that several new training centres have joined the TRAINAIR PLUS Programme.
The new Associate Members are:

Additionally, several Associate Members have successfully developed their first Standardized Training Package (STP) to attain the TRAINAIR PLUS Full Membership. The new Full Members are as follows: 

To view an updated list of TRAINAIR PLUS Members, please click here.

Picture: The Full Membership plaque is delivered by Mr. Raymond Benjamin, Secretary General of ICAO, to Mrs. Guang Hu, General Manager of the Academy of the Capital Airports Holding Management Co., Ltd. The ceremony was held at ICAO HQ on 4 April 2014.

This year marks an important milestone for the TRAINAIR PLUS Programme.  In accordance with the rules and procedures of the TRAINAIR PLUS Operations Manual, Associate and Full Members are to be reassessed every three years since their last assessment. The reassessment programme started in December 2013 and close to ten training centres have undergone their reassessments.
Three training centres successfully passed their reassessment phase and received their renewed membership plaques during a ceremony held at ICAO HQ on 4 April 2014.
The training centres are as follows:

The Incheon Airport Aviation Academy (IAAA), The JAA Training Organization, and The Singapore Aviation Academy.

Picture 1:  Mr. Raymond Benjamin, ICAO Secretary General, delivering the renewed Membership Plaque to Mr. Tony Cho, Director, Global Training of the Incheon Airport Aviation Academy (IAAA). Picture 2:  Mr. Raymond Benjamin, ICAO Secretary General, delivering the renewed Membership Plaque to Mr.  Joost Jonker, Director, JAA TO. Capt. Mostafa Hoummady, Manager, Global Aviation Training (GAT) Office, to the right, also partook in the ceremony. Picture 3:  Mr. Raymond Benjamin, ICAO Secretary General, delivering the renewed Membership Plaque to Dr. Michael Lim, Director of the Singapore Aviation Academy (SAA).  

TRAINAIR PLUS Members can now benefit from an increased inventory of Standardized Training Packages (STPs) which are contained in the STP library. The library, contained in the TRAINAIR PLUS Electronic Management System (TPeMS), brings dozens of fully documented training material together on one centralized platform.  As of April 2014, 32 STPs are available to be exchanged by Members and an additional 39 are in the process of being developed.

New STPs validated in 2014 are as follows: 

The second edition of the STPs catalogue lists all STPs that have been validated and approved by the TRAINAIR PLUS Programme as of 11 February 2014, as well as the STPs currently under development. To view the STPs catalogue, Click here. 

There are several important events upcoming in 2014 for our Members to meet, exchange, network and develop collaborations. All Members are invited to partake in any of the following events: 

For an updated list of TRAINAIR PLUS events, please click here.

More than 20 TRAINAIR PLUS Courses are scheduled to be held globally from now until December 2014. Be sure to visit the TRAINAIR PLUS website for continuously updated course schedules.

For an updated schedule of TDCs, please click here.
For an updated schedule of TICs, please click here.



As of 1 January 2014, the TRAINAIR PLUS Programme and its staff have moved to the newly created ICAO Global Aviation Training (GAT) Office. The GAT Office is the focal point for all ICAO training-related activities. It is responsible for the planning, management and coordination of all ICAO aviation training activities, ensuring the efficient, effective and harmonized implementation of the ICAO Training Policy.
The GAT Office’s mandate is to be the ICAO arm leading the development of human resources in aviation. It comprises three units:
  • TRAINAIR PLUS Programme (TPP);
  • Training Assessments and Consultancy (TAC); and
  • Training Design and Development (TDD).
For more information on the new ICAO Training Policy, please click here.
The 8th NGAP/TRAINAIR PLUS Regional Symposium was held in Johannesburg, South Africa, from 10 to 12 December 2013. Hosted by the Air Traffic and Navigation Services (ATNS) Training Academy, a TRAINAIR PLUS Associate Member, the symposium attracted 260 attendants from more than 40 States, mostly from Africa. This event provided a unique opportunity to aviation training and human resources professionals to exchange views, experiences and best practices on how to ensure that enough qualified aviation professionals are available to operate, manage and maintain the future of the international air transport system. The event also provided an ideal opportunity to discuss human resources, partnerships and training issues with ICAO, regional organizations, States, training organizations, operators and key aviation industry players.
ICAO would like to thank the hosts of this successful event and all participants who attended.
To view the presentations delivered during the event as well as the pictures taken, please click here.
ICAO is pleased to announce the launch, in 2014, of the first three Regional Course Developer and Instructor Standardization Meetings (CDI/STDs). They provide a forum for instructors, course developers and course validators to meet and exchange their experiences and best practices on the implementation of  the TRAINAIR PLUS methodology and any other Instructional Systems Design (ISD) methodology they are using. The ICAO CDI/STDs also provide an opportunity for participants to enhance their skills with respect to the development and delivery of Standardized Training Packages (STPs), as well as identifying methods, techniques, tools and procedures for the continuous improvement of the methodology. ICAO encourages all instructors, course developers and validators to attend and exchange their views and keep pace with changes affecting the training industry. The confirmed dates are as follows:
1st ICAO CDI/STD for Europe, the Middle East and Africa, hosted by the Gulf Centre for Aviation Studies (GCAS)
Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
17 to 19 March 2014
2nd ICAO CDI/STD for Asia/Pacific, hosted by GMR Aviation Academy
Hyderabad, India
2 to 4 July 2014
3rd ICAO CDI/STD for the Americas, hosted by Instituto de Controle do Espaço Aéreo
São José dos Campos, Brazil
24 to 26 September 2014
For more Information and registration, please Click here.






The TRAINAIR PLUS Training Instructors Course (TIC) was validated at ICAO Headquarters from 16 to 20 December 2013. A TRAINAIR PLUS team of instructors met at ICAO Headquarters to validate the Training Instructors Course (TIC).  This two-part course will enable participants to methodically conduct training courses in accordance with ICAO’s instructor competencies and develop the required training strategies for course deliveries.
The first part, jointly developed with  JAA TO, a TRAINAIR PLUS Full Member, is an e-learning course which will provide participants with instructional concepts, knowledge and techniques, as well as contemporary methods, which will enable them to prepare and deliver training courses in an efficient and effective way.
The second part, held in a classroom configuration, will enable participants to develop the professional knowledge, skills and attitudes required to effectively deliver competency-based training courses to the highest standard.


TRAINAIR PLUS Members are encouraged to host this course at their premises. Stay tuned for more information.




Since the launch of phase II of the TRAINAIR PLUS Electronic Management System (TPEMS) on 2 July 2013, all STPs have been required to be developed via the TPEMS. As of 31 December 2013, twenty nine STPs have been validated and uploaded to the STPs library, while an additional 33 STPs are under development. All critical information regarding these STPs can be viewed via the TPEMS.
An STP development is a joint effort of the training center, the validator and the TRAINAIR PLUS team. It is a step-by- step process whereby all the information is entered/uploaded by the training center, reviewed/approved by the validator, and then submitted by the validator to TRAINAIR PLUS via TPEMS.
The STP development process is now standardized, and all development documentation is stored in the TPEMS automatically, after approval by the validator and acceptance by TRAINAIR PLUS.
We invite all our members to develop their STPs via the TPEMS.
We look forward to working together with member training centers for the development of their first or additional STPs.
For more information on current validated STPs, please click here.




In 2013, a total of 308 people enrolled in a TDC held in 18 States. This success demonstrates the global need to train course developers and the effectiveness of the TRAINAIR PLUS competency-based course development methodology, based on the ICAO Training Development Guide, Competency-based Training Methodology        (Doc 9841). Thanks to a team of fifteen-plus qualified instructors located in all ICAO Regions, a total number of 43 courses have been held since the launch of the TRAINAIR PLUS TDC in 2011 and 528 participants have successfully passed the course.
As of 13 January 2014, ten TDCs are already confirmed to be held throughout this upcoming year. Should you wish to train your course developers, please click here.


For training centres that wish to host a TDC at their premises, please contact the TRAINAIR PLUS staff at trainairplus@icao.int.
At the last Regional Symposium held in Johannesburg, ICAO welcomed nine new training centres to the Programme as follows:
New Associate Members
Civil Aviation Authority of Bangladesh
Wallonie Aerotraining Network (WAN)
Instituto Nacional de Aviación civil (INAC)
Ethiopia Civil Aviation Authority (ECAA)
Ethiopian Aviation Academy (EAA)
Airports Authority Rescue and Fire Fighting Services Training Centre
Civil Aviation Training Institute (CATI)
Saudi Arabia
Saudi Academy of Civil Aviation (SACA)
South Africa
43 Air School
Additionally, ICAO welcomed three new TRAINAIR PLUS Full Members. Standardized Training Packages (STPs) from these training centres have been validated by the TRAINAIR PLUS Unit and uploaded to the virtual library in the TRAINAIR PLUS Electronic Management System (TPEMS). The new Full Members are as follows:
New Full Members
Instituto de  Controle  do Espaço Aéreo (ICEA)
Nigerian College of Aviation Technology (NCAT)
Sudan Academy for Aviation Sciences and Technology (SUDAFAST)

TRAINAIR PLUS Associate and Full Members undergo a follow-up assessment every three years following their initial assessment, as indicated in Section 4.1.4 of the TRAINAIR PLUS Operations Manual (TPOM).
The protocol questionnaire used for the assessment has been updated to better reflect the level of compliance of your training organization with ICAO’s main reference documents: Annex 1 — Personnel Licensing, Appendix 2, and the Manual on the Approval of Training Organizations (Doc 9841). The assessment process is also based on a new format, which is more user-friendly and can now be accessed via the TRAINAIR PLUS Electronic Management System (TPEMS).
The focal point you assigned to the TPEMS will receive an automatically generated message from the system, up to one year prior to the reassessment, providing a direct web link to the reassessment section of the TPEMS website. This will allow the assigned focal point to complete the on-line questionnaire and attach any document as evidence or reference. Should the focal point currently assigned to the TPEMS be different from the focal point responsible for the reassessment of your training organization, kindly send us his/her details and we will update the system, accordingly. You may send the contact details to trainairplus@icao.int.
For the members being reassessed in 2014, it is very important that the self-assessment questionnaire be completed as soon as possible or by 15 February 2014, at the latest. This will allow us to plan and proceed with the on-site part of the assessment and grant the renewal of your TRAINAIR PLUS membership for three more years.
The Training Assessments and Consultancy (TAC) Unit, under the newly created Global Aviation Training (GAT) Office, will soon provide you with a proposed on-site reassessment timeframe. You may contact Mr. Hervé Touron, Acting Manager, TAC Unit, directly at htouron@icao.int, for any questions related to the reassessment.
On 19 December 2013, ICAO and the International Air Transport Association (IATA) announced the establishment of a new Global Training Alliance seeking to intensify and refine air transport training and learning resources in the face of expected global shortages of skilled air transport personnel.
An immediate outcome of the new alliance will be the launch of the I-TRAIN Programme, a joint ICAO/IATA diploma which focuses on multiple industry segments. I-TRAIN incorporates unique, blended solutions derived from ICAO/IATA areas of expertise and which can be tailored for existing industry personnel as well as the next generation of aviation professionals (NGAP).
In addition to its partnership with ICAO on the I-TRAIN initiative, the new alliance will also see IATA benefitting from increased access to the ICAO TRAINAIR PLUS network of internationally recognized aviation training centres. Related benefits includes direct contact with all ICAO TRAINAIR PLUS Members, participation in TRAINAIR PLUS strategic planning activities and future TRAINAIR PLUS events, as well as the use of various ICAO training publications.
Additionally, the TRAINAIR PLUS Programme welcomed its first Corporate Member. The manufacturer Bombardier Aéronautique joined the network as a Corporate Member to enhance the Programme and partake in the sharing of best practices and experiences in the field of aviation training with other Members.
We are pleased to inform you that the 2nd TRAINAIR PLUS/NGAP Global Symposium will be held in Dakar, Senegal, from 17 to 21 November 2013. This event will be hosted by l’Agence pour la Sécurité de la Navigation Aérienne en Afrique et à Madagascar (ASECNA).
Join us and participate in this unique platform that will:
·          inform participants on the latest trends, techniques and tools in the aviation training field;
·          promote and facilitate the exchange of best practices in the aviation learning and training fields;
·          provide an update on recent trends and future tools to attract and retain competent aviation professionals;
·          increase awareness of the TRAINAIR PLUS Programme, ICAO’s global cooperative aviation training network;
·          establish effective communication links at an international level in the fields of training and human resources among ICAO and States, training organizations, regional organizations, operators and the industry.
For more information, please click here.
* as of 30 January 2014. Visit the TRAINAIR PLUS website for recurrent updates.
Training Developers Course
Tehran, Iran
25 January to 5 February 2014
Standardization Meeting for Course Developers and Instructors for
Europe/Middle East/Africa (STD/CDI/1)
Abu Dhabi, UAE
17 to 19 March 2014
Training Developers Course
Dublin, Ireland
24 March to 4 April 2014
Training Developers Course
Macau, China
31 March to 11 April 2014
Training Developers Course
Tehran, Iran
19 to 30 April 2014
Training Developers Course
29 April to 9 May 2014
Training Developers Course
Dublin, Ireland
12 to 23 May 2014
Training Instructors Course
26 to 30 May 2014
Training Mangers Course
9 to 13 June 2014
Training Developers Course
Chateauroux, France
16 to 27 June 2014
STD/CDI/2 for Asia Pacific
Hyderabad, India
2 to 4 July 2014
Training Developers Course/TDC
Tehran, Iran
23 August to 5 September 2014
Training Developers Course/TDC
Dublin, Ireland
15 to 16 September 2014
STD/CDI/3 for the Americas
São José dos Campos, Brazil
24 to 26 September 2014
Training Developers Course
6 to 17 October 2014
Training Instructors Course
3 to 7 November 2014
2nd TRAINAIR PLUS/NGAP Global Symposium
Dakar, Senegal
17 to 21 November 2014