Annex 19, 1st Edition - Executive summary


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The ICAO High-level Safety Conference 2010 recommendation 2/5 proposed the development of an Annex dedicated to Safety Management. The benefits identified of this approach included: 
check-mark.jpgAddress safety risks proactively;

check-mark.jpgManage and support strategic regulatory and infrastructure developments;
check-mark.jpgRe-enforce the role played by the State in managing safety at the State level, in coordination with service providers;

check-mark.jpg Stress the concept of overall safety performance in all domains.





All of the safety management provisions in Annex 19, 1st  edition, were transferred* or duplicated from safety management provisions previously contained in 6 different Annexes, with the exception of:


1.The Safety Management System (SMS) framework now applies to organizations responsible for the type design and manufacture of aircraft;
2.The four components of the State Safety Programme (SSP) framework are elevated to the status of Standard in chapter 3;
3.The State Safety Oversight (Appendix 1) are applicable to the oversight of all product and service providers; and
4. The Safety Data Collection Analysis and Exchange (Chapter 5) and the Legal Guidance for the Protection of Safety Information from Safety Data Collection anD processing systems (Attachment B) complement the SSP.

 *Modifications were only made, as necessary, for clarity or harmonization.

The overall cost impact is light because Annex 19 is mostly based on existing provisions gradually introduced since 2001. 


Impact to the States:

  • Administrative work for the review and amendment of existing legislation and regulations; Update to references to existing Annex provisions; 
  • Notification of differences to Annex 19, if any (State Letter 8/3 13/30 refers). 


Impact to the service providers and international general aviation operators:

Updates to operations manuals and other materials. 





Applicability date of Annex 19, First Edition: 14 November 2013*.


Safety Management Manual (SMM), third Edition, Doc 9859 published to support Annex 19, 1st Edition.

The ICAO safety management training material is being updated to reflect the two above documents.


The implementation of safety management provisions are additionally highlighted in ICAO’s newly-amended Global Aviation Strategy Plan (GASP), which prioritizes the implementation of a State safety oversight system as a prerequisite to the establishment of a SSP.

The Regional Aviation Safety Groups (RASGs) have been invited to identify activities, including required resources to support the Annex 19 roll-out plan and the effective and continuing implementation of SMS and SSP provisions. States and Industry, through their RASGs are strongly encouraged to report progress, regarding the implementation of SSP and SMS provisions.


The ICAO Safety Management public website provides useful and informative material.

*Independently of the applicability date of Annex 19, the existing Standards and Recommended Practices (SARPS) retain their original applicability, dating from 2001 onwards.


For further details about Annex 19, 1st Edition, a comprehensive presentation can be downloaded here .










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