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Upgraded FDPS

Point of contact

Mr Igor SITNIKOV, State Civil Aviation Authority of Russia

ANSP to ANSP Testing

 intends to participate in OPT sessions sponsored by Eurocontrol in September 2012

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Deployment of new system

New FPL accepted

Russian Federation will accept NEW as of 0000 UTC 12 November 2012.The AIC of the Russian Federation was prepared with the date of issue 20 September 2012.

Other information

A4528/12 NOTAMN                                           Q)UUUU/QOAXX/IV/NBO/E/000/999/7001N10427E999                                                      A)UUUU                                                                B)1211150000 C)PERM                                       E)REF AIP SUP 01/12 (SEE NOTAM A4375/12), AMEND AIP SUP AS FLW:                                                       GEN 1.2 ENTRY, TRANSIT AND DEPARTURE OF AIRCRAFT PARAGRAPH 2.5:                                             - POSITION 13 SHALL INDICATE THE FOLLOWING:                                               A) THE SIGNIFICANT POINT OF ENTRY, THE ESTIMATED TIME OF ENTRY(UTC) INTO THE AIRSPACE OF THE RUSSIAN FEDERATION.                                                    B) THE SIGNIFICANT POINT OF EXIT, THE ESTIMATED OF EXIT(UTC) FROM THE AIRSPACE OF THE RUSSIAN FEDERATION.  - POSITION 15 SHALL INDICATE ONLY ALTERNATE ENTRY/EXIT POINTS INTO/ FROM THR AIRSPACE OF THE RUSSIAN FEDERATION.                                                   PARAGRAPH 2.7 THE SECOND INDENTION:THE FLIGHT PLAN FPL MUST BE SUBMITTED TO MATMC AND TO THE ADDRESSES INDICATED IN ENR 1.10 - ENR 1.11 SECTIONS OF THE PRESENT AIP ONLY AFTER THE APPROVAL OF FORM ,,R,, BY THE OPERATION REGULATION DEPARTMENT OF THE FEDERAL AIR TRANSPORT AGENCY. IN CASE OF POSTPONING OF FLIGHT OPERATION TO A LATER TIME/DATE FOR ANY REASON, THE AIRLINE MUST NOTIFY MATMC ABOUT IT VIA THE AFTN ADDRESS - UUUWZDZX OR SITA - MOWYWYA. WHEREAS, ITEM 18 OF FPL SHALL INDICATE A DATE, ON WHICH A FLIGHT OPERATION WAS PLANNED. IF NO NOTIFICATION WAS RECEIVED BY MATMC, THEN AFTER THE EXPIRATION OF 24 HOURS FROM THE APPROVED TIME OF DEPARTURE THE PERMISSION FOR A FLIGHT OPERATION WILL BE CANCELLED AND FOR RECEIVING OF ANOTHER PERMITION IT IS REQUIRED TO FOLLOW THE PROVISIONS OF PARA 2.9 OF THE PRESENT SECTION BELOW.                                         PARAGRAPH 2.9.1:                                            2.9.1 A SINGLE CHANGE OF FORM ,,R,, (IN CASE OF DIVERSION FROM THE APPROVED SCHEDULE OF REGULAR FLIGHT) AND/OR OPERATION OF ADDITIONAL SCHEDULED FLIGHT SHALL BE MADE BY PRIOR REQUEST OF THE AIRLINE SUBMITTED TO THE OPERATION REGULATION DEPARTMENT OF THE FEDERAL AIR TRANSPORT AGENCY AND TO MATMC EITHER IN RUSSIAN OR IN ENGLISH (FOR THE RUSSIAN AIRLINE - IN RUSSIAN ONLY) AS FORM ,,N,, ACCORDING TO SECTION GEN 1.2-13.                                    PARAGRAPH 2.9.2: THE REQUEST FOR A SINGLE CHANGE OF FORM ,,R,, (OF THE SCHEDULE OF REGULAR FLIGHT) SHALL BE SUBMITTED NOT LATER THAN THREE WORKING DAYS BEFORE THE BEGINNING OF FLIGHT OPERATION, EXCEPT SATURDAY, SUNDAY AND PUBLIC HOLIDAYS OF THE RUSSIAN FEDERATION TO THE ADDRESSES:                                                  1. OPERATION REGULATION DEPARTMENT OF THE FEDERAL AIR TRANSPORT                           AGENCY:                                                               AFTN: UUUKYAYX, UUUKZXTD                 IN COPY SITA: MOWYAYA.                          2. MATMC:                                                          AFTN: UUUWZDZX                                        SITA: MOWYWYA.                                           A4362/12 NOTAMN                                         Q)UUUU/QOAXX/IV/BO/E/000/999/7001N10427E999                                                A)UUUU                                                                B)1211150000 C)1211292359                              E)AIC 07/12 ,,INFORMATION ON THE IMPLEMENTATION IN THE RUSSIAN                                                           FEDERATION OF THE NEW FORMAT OF THE ICAO FLIGHT PLAN FORM                                                              (FPL 2012), CHANGES TO FLIGHT PLANNING PROVISIONS AND ATS                                                                        MESSAGES WITH EFFECT FROM 15 NOVEMBER, 2012,, BECOME APPLICABLE                                ON 15TH NOVEMBER, 2012.                                 






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