​Ad Hoc Working Group Meeting on Lithium Batteries
Montreal, 4 to 5 October 2007


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Working papers

No. Agenda Item No. Title Language
19 2, 5.4 Prohibition of Transport of Certain Types of Lithium Metal Batteries Aboard Passenger and Cargo Aircraft
2, 5.4 Amendment of Special Provision A45
Note.— The revision affects the English version only.
21 2, 5.4 Prohibition of Lithium Metal Batteries on Passenger Aircraft
23 2, 5.4 Lithium Batteries — Special Provision A45
42 2, 5.4 Analysis of “Known or Suspected” Battery Incidents and Update on Industry Activities Addressing Issues Related to the Transport of Lithium Batteri
43 2, 5.4 Lithium Batteries Contained in Equipment — Weight Restrictions on Cargo Aircraft
47 2, 5.4 Comments on Carry-on Provisions for Lithium Ion Batteries Carried by Passengers or Crew
52 2, 5.4 Carriage by Passengers of Lithium Batteries in Carry-on Baggage
56 2, 5.4 Prototype Lithium Batteri      


Information papers

No. Agenda Item No. Title Language
1 5.4 Carriage of Lithium Batteries — the Current and Proposed Requirements



Managing Lithium Battery Risks

For further information you may contact:

Dr. Katherine Rooney
Chief, Dangerous Goods Section
E-mail: dgs@icao.int