Working Group of the Whole on Lithium Batteries, Working Papers

No.Agenda Item No. TitlePresented byComments
11 Lithium Battery Exceptions
the Secretary
21 Section II Lithium Batteries – Loading Requirements (DGP/23-WP/59)the Secretary
31 Lithium Battery Pilot Notification Requirements (DGP/23-WP/95)the Secretary
1 Lithium BatteriesG A LeachThe appendix is included in this revised version of WP/4. Other than the appendix, there are no other changes.
1 Lithium BatteriesG A Leach
52 Test Data on Lithium Ion BatteriesPRBA – The Rechargeable Battery Association
66 Lithium Batteries and Approvals Required for Transport PRBA with RECHARGE, EUROBAT and ACEA
72 Lithium Metal Batteries NEMA
81 Transport of Lithium Batteries Global Express Association (GEA)
91 Revision to Lithium Battery Packing Instructions D. Brennan
102 Development of a Icao Lithium Batteries Training Programme K. Koume
112 Proposal for Lithium Rechargeable Battery Transportation to Reduce Risk of Fire Propagation K. Koume

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