No. Agenda Item No. Title Presented by Comments
1 1 Lithium Battery Exceptions
the Secretary
2 1 Section II Lithium Batteries – Loading Requirements (DGP/23-WP/59) the Secretary
3 1 Lithium Battery Pilot Notification Requirements (DGP/23-WP/95) the Secretary
1 Lithium Batteries G A Leach The appendix is included in this revised version of WP/4. Other than the appendix, there are no other changes.
1 Lithium Batteries G A Leach
5 2 Test Data on Lithium Ion Batteries PRBA – The Rechargeable Battery Association
6 6 Lithium Batteries and Approvals Required for Transport PRBA with RECHARGE, EUROBAT and ACEA
7 2 Lithium Metal Batteries NEMA
8 1 Transport of Lithium Batteries Global Express Association (GEA)
9 1 Revision to Lithium Battery Packing Instructions D. Brennan
10 2 Development of a Icao Lithium Batteries Training Programme K. Koume
11 2 Proposal for Lithium Rechargeable Battery Transportation to Reduce Risk of Fire Propagation K. Koume

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