No. Agenda Item No. Title Presented by
1 2.4 Transport of Waste Lithium Batteries and Damaged or Defective Lithium Batteries PRBA-The Rechargeable Battery Association
2 1 Amendment 11 to Annex 18 the Secretary
3 5.2 Consideration of what is “Equipment” and Response to DGP-WG/13-WP/56 PRBA-The Rechargeable battery Association
4 2.3 Consequences for the Consumer-Industry if the Proposal in DGP-WG/13-WP/54 to Delete ID 8000 would be Adopted CEFIC
5 2.8 Medical Devices Containing Lithium Batteries J. McLaughlin
6 2.8 Self-Inflating Safety Devices J. McLaughlin
7 2.2 Used Health Care Devices or Equipment the Secretary



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