DGP/24 Information Papers

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No. Agenda Item No. Title Language Presented by
2 Provisions for Fuel Cells used to Power Portable Electronic Devices Carried by Passengers or Crew Fuel Cell and Hydrogen Energy Association
3 5,5.1 Lithium Metal Batteries NEMA, PRBA, EPBA, RECHARGE, AdvaMed, ITI, TechAmerica, TIA
4 5,5.3 Safety Management Systems: Dangerous Goods Transport C. Glasow
5 6 State-Specfic Approaches to Dangerous Goods Incident Collection and Reporting Systems C. Glasow
6 5,5.1 Jane’s Airport Review: “Burning Issue: Battery Safety creates concerns in the cargo community” the Secretary
7 5,5.1 Secondary Lithium Batteries H. Brockhaus
9 1 Applicability of SMS SARPS SMP WG2
10 6 Clarifications on the Use of Hazmat in Flight Plan the Air Traffic Management Requirements and Performance Panel (ATMRPP)

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