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Launch of European ITAKA project to support the use of sustainable biofuels in aviation

Funded by the European Union FP7 program, the ITAKA (Initiative Towards sustainable Kerosene for Aviation) project was launched on 1st November 2012.
ITAKA is a collaborative project that will aim at producing sustainable renewable fuel for aviation and at testing its use in existing logistic systems and in normal flight operations in Europe. The project will contribute to the EU Advanced Biofuels Flight Path program, which aims to speed up the commercialization of aviation biofuels in Europe.
As feedstock, ITAKA targets European camelina oil and used cooking oil, in order to meet a minimum of 60% on greenhouse gas emission saving compared to the fossil jetA1. The project aims to certify the entire supply chain of the renewable aviation fuel, based on the Roundtable on Sustainable Biofuels (RSB) standard. In addition, the production and use of camelina as a biofuel feedstock will also be assessed with regards to its contribution to food and feed markets and its potential impact on direct and Indirect Land Use Change (ILUC). The research will also evaluate the economic, social and regulatory implications of the large-scale biofuels utilisation in aviation.
Consortium members include companies and research centres in: feedstock production (BIOTEHGEN and Camelina Company España); renewable fuel production (Neste Oil and RE-CORD); fuel logistics (CLH and SkyNRG); air transport (Airbus, EADS IW UK, Embraer and SENASA); and sustainability assessment (EADS IW France, EPFL and MMU).




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