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Joint venture between Airbus, EADS and ENN in China to develop algae-based jet fuel

Airbus, EADS Innovation Works and the Chinese bio-energy company ENN have signed a memorandum of understanding on algae-based jet fuel during the China International Air Show in Zhuhai. The scope of the collaboration includes an assessment of algae technology, technical qualification of aviation fuels based on algae oil and the promotion of their use for aviation in China.
Established in 2007, ENN is working on the development of biodiesel from microalgae. After a two years’ trial since 2010, ENN has recently established a 5,000 Tons Microalgae-Biodiesel Demonstration Project in Inner Mongolia for recycling use of CO2 from coal-fired power plants and chemical plants as well as bio energy production. Up to now, ENN has announced 70 technologies with proprietary intellectual property rights in the fields of biomass energy, such as light bio-reactor and bio diesel production.
In the initial first phase of the project, the partners will work together on a maturity assessment of algae oil technology, on oil testing and analysis, and on the development of tools to assess the environmental, economic and societal impact of the technology. An objective is after a technical assessment to plan test flights to take place in 2013 using oil supplied by ENN and afterwards look to scale up the alternative fuel production process to achieve sustainable quantities of aviation fuel for flight use.
Airbus will support the necessary fuel tests and qualification activities leading to the deployment of the sustainable alternative fuels for commercial flights and will coordinate the participation of external partners such as engine manufacturers and airlines.

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