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UK Sustainable Aviation group calls for government support to develop alternative jet fuels

At the Farnborough airshow, the British Sustainable Aviation group called for a clear policy framework to stimulate investment and production of new generation alternative aviation fuels.

The group calls for some $6 billion (€4.4 billion) in investment over 15 years in the refining capacity of Britain alone, to produce liquid energy from agricultural waste, fermented sugars and other sources that could be mixed with conventional fuels. It also urged all EU governments to “level the playing field” by extending to the aviation industry incentives such as those now given to support alternative power for ground transport.

Backed up by a parallel report from sustainable energy consultancy E4tech, SA has published a discussion paper, Fuelling the Future, outlining the potential market penetration both in the UK and globally for sustainable alternative fuels up to 2050. It is seeking views from policymakers and stakeholders ahead of a roadmap it intends publishing later in the year.

Sustainable Aviation is a group of UK aviation stakeholders, including airlines, manufacturers,  airports and air navigation service providers that was created in 2005. SA is developing a long term startegy which sets out the collective approach of UK aviation to tackling the challenge of ensuring a sustainable future for the industry. SA has produced four Progress Report to date.

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Link to SA discussion paper and E4Tech report

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UK Sustainable Aviation group calls for government support to develop alternative jet fuels




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