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​First Swedish commercial flights on biofuel to mark the creation of a bioport at Karlstad Airport

One flight operated by British Midland Regional between Karlstad and Frankfurt, and another one by Nextjet between Karlstad and Stockholm took place on June 2014,  the 26 and were the first Swedish commercial flights operated on biofuels. There were organised to mark the installation at Karlstad airport of a fixed storage tank facility for aviation biofuel.

The set-up of this storage facility is the first project of SkyNRG Nordic, the cooperation announced in March between SkyNRG and Statoil Aviation. With the establishment of a Bio Jet Fuel station, Karlstad Airport will have the first operational tank facility supplying sustainable jet fuel to all commercial flights departing from one single airport. The partners say they intend to use the Karlstad facility to gain more experience and improvements in downstream biofuel blending and logistics. They are also working with the regional business cluster The Paper Province on a feasibility study on the production of sustainable jet fuel using available feedstocks from the local forestry industry.

In an effort to solve the price problem, where aviation biofuel is 3-4 times more expensive than normal aviation fuel, SkyNRG has teamed up with Statoil to establish a ‘climate compensation’ fund supported by business, the public sector and private individuals to cover the differential. In the longer term, they say, the fund will also be used to support research.

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​First Swedish commercial flight on biofuel to mark the installation of a bioport at Karlstad Airport




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