The ICAO DATA+ is a new tool that presents in a dynamic and graphical environment the air transport statistic data collected from its 191 Member States.
The data set which includes reports from 500 airlines and 700 airports is the most complete source of aviation traffic and financial information in the industry today. Its historical depth allows analyses to 1980, while its forward-looking forecasting horizon reaches year 2030. 
ICAO has long been recognized for the quality of global air traffic statistics and forecast which are now available online.
ICAO DATA+ enables users to quickly visualize trends, differences and similarities between air transport data selections and make competitive analyses (benchmarking) more accessible.
The new tool also allows users to bookmark their queries for repeated use in the future and to share them with other users who have access to ICAO’s new platform.
  • Provide developing competitive analyses and benchmarking to improve performance;
  • Able to follow air carrier and airport traffic data trends on a timely basis;
  • Prepare predictions and forecasts – make better decisions founded on more credible and precise data;
  • Situate data and forecast into an economical perspective;
  • Understand industry trends on the key operations of their organizations.
  • Industry Organizations
  • Government
  • Route Planners
  • Strategic and Financial Analysts
  • Aviation Consultants
  • Air Transport Economists
  • Academics and Researchers
  • Environmental Groups and Associations
  • Uniqueness: ICAO gathers some data collections not publically available elsewhere, e.g. the traffic by flight stage (TFS);
  • Coverage: ICAO data covers a period over 30 years and enable users to access long historical series and create meaningful forecasts;
  • Completeness: ICAO is the only international civil aviation organization that covers all aspects of the industry so users seeking air transport information can find it by accessing a single site;
  • Quality: ICAO data have been collected following internationally agreed norms and validated on a government level as provided by ICAO Member States;
  • Credibility: ICAO has long been recognized as impartial and respected source of air traffic statistics and forecast;
  • Accessibility: ICAO data is presented in a new dynamic web based platform with user-friendly interface that is accessible 24/7 and that provides downloadable reports.