Pricing Grid
 (Prices are subject to change without notice.)
​Modules Order Number​ Price (U.S.$)*​
​M1: Air Carrier Traffic ​DTPL-1U ​$1,450
​M2: Traffic by Flight Stage DTPL-2U​ ​$2,100
M3: Air Carrier Finances​ ​DTPL-3U ​$1,300
​M4: Airport Traffic ​DTPL-4U ​$1,300
M5: On-Flight Origin and Destination​ ​DTPL-5U ​$2,100
M6: Air Carrier Fleet & Personnel​ ​DTPL-6U $1,050
​Bundle of 3 modules ​DTPL-3MU $3,900
Bundle of 6 modules​ ​DTPL-6MU ​$7,900
* ICAO Member States are entitled to one 6-module license free of charge. Additional licenses can be purchased at 33.3% discount of the advertised prices.
Included when you subscribe to one module or more is:
  • ­One year subscription
  • One single-user license
  • Personal login and password provided by ICAO
  • Access to data and functionality corresponding to the module(s) selected