This new platform is offered at two different levels of service. Access to the data as well as functionalities will be granted on the basis of the level selected. 
Users will be able to sign up for a one year subscription to one or more modules at the same level. Customers can upgrade or downgrade during the course of the subscription in which case an additional payment or a reimbursement will take place.

ICAO Member States Level
This level is reserved for representatives from the ICAO Member States and includes basic level of service free of charge.
Professional User (Pro User) Level
Pro User levle will be primarily of interest to government officials and industry professionals involved in operations as well as consultants and researchers with specific interest in global and regional detailed statistics. High level users such as decision makers or professionals who only need granular data and general statistics on air transport can also benefit from subscribing to it.
The difference among the levels covers both functionality and access to data analyses. The latter depends on each module, however with regard to functionality the differences are shown below:


​Member States ​Pro User
​View ​X ​​X
​Export to MS-Excel ​X ​​X
​Print ​X ​​X
​Create bookmarks ​X ​​X
​Share information ​​X
​Create graphs/charts ​​X