Second Meeting of the AFI Frequency Management Group (AFI/FMG/2)
(Dakar, Senegal, 18 - 19 April 2011)​








Letter of Invitation​







​WP No. Agenda Item​ ​Title
​WP/01 -​ Tentative Agenda​
WP/02​ -​ Tentative Work Programme​ ​​
​WP/03A 1 Review of the Terms of Reference, Composition and Work Programme of AFI/FMG and Election of Rapporteur for the group ​
WP/03B​ ​2 Follow up of the conclusions and decisions of the first meeting of AFI/FMG (AFI/FMG/1-September 2009)​ ​​
WP/04​ 2​ Follow up of the conclusions and decisions of the first meeting of AFI Frequency Management Group (AFI/FMG/1) (September 2009)​ ​​
WP/05​ 3​ Follow up on APIRG/17 outcomes pertaining to Frequency Management ​ ​​
WP/06A​ 4​ Report on the Regional Workshop on Frequency Management and Development of Training Aid (Nairobi, Kenya, 14-16 December 2010)​
​WP/06B ​4 Frequency Assignment Planning Tool Presentation, Demonstration & Case Studies. Presented by The ICAO Secretariat (Dakar, 18—19 April 2011)​
​WP/06C ​4 AFI Air Navigation Plan (ANP) and other relevant ICAO provisions. Presented by the ICAO Secretariat (Dakar, 18— 19 April 2011)​
​WP/07 5.1​ Position of ICAO for the World Radiocommunication Conference 2012 (WRC 12)​
WP/08​ 5.2​ Report on ATU meeting (Abuja, Nigeria, 1-3 February 2011)​ ​​
WP/09A 5.3​ ​Report on CPM 2th meeting (Geneva, Switzerland, 14-25 February 2011) ​​
WP/09B ​3 Draft AFI Position on WRC-12 Agenda Item 1.3​
​WP/10 ​6 Terms of Reference, Composition and Future Work Programme of AFI/FMG​ ​​
WP/11​ 3​ Actions for frequency management in ASECNA area​ ​​







​IP No. ​Agenda Item ​Title
IP/01​ ​- ​General Information ​​​
IP/02​ ​- Tentative List of Working and Information Papers​ ​​





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