Twelfth Meeting on the Improvement of the Air Traffic Services in the South Atlantic  Sal, Cape Verde, 15 – 17 December 2004​







SAT/12 Ref.

SR 3/80 - 1299​

​Letter of Invitation (18 November 2004)
​SAT/12 Report of the Twelfth Informal Coordination Meeting on the Improvement of Air Traffic Services over the South Atlantic​ ​​






​WP No. ​Title
SAT/12-WP/01​ Provisional Agenda ​
​SAT/12-WP/02 Follow up on Conclusions from SAT/11 Meeting ​
SAT/12-WP/03​ Review of the Report on SAT/11 Task Force Meeting and follow up action taken by SAT​
SAT/12-WP/04​ CNS/ATM Systems Implementation ​
SAT/12-WP/05​ Results from AFI RVSM Stakeholders Coordination Meeting (Go/Delay Coordination Meeting, Dakar, Senegal 18 – 19 November 2004)​
SAT/12-WP/06​ New SAM AFTN Routing Directory of the SAM Region​
Appendix A​
SAT/12-WP/07​ ARMA (AFI Regional Monitoring Agency)​
SAT/12-WP/08​ Strategic Lateral Offsets​
​SAT/12-WP/10 ​Agenda Item 5: CNS/ATM Systems Implementation
SAT/12-WP/11​ Agenda Item 4: Communications​
SAT/12-WP/12​ ​Extension of VHF radio coverage Dakar Oceanic FIR
SAT/12-WP/13​ Agenda Item 4: Communications ​
​SAT/12-WP/14 ​Agenda Item 5: CNS/ATM Systems Implementation
SAT/12-WP/15​ ​Agenda Item 4: Communications
SAT/12-WP/16​ AFI AFTN Routing Directory  ​
​SAT/12-WP/17 Harmonization of RVSM programmes for CAR/SAM and AFI Regions, including flight level allocation scheme​
SAT/12-WP/18​ New Airspace Structure​
SAT/12-WP/19​ Safety Assessment​
​SAT/12-WP/20 ​Special Coordination Procedures
​SAT/12-WP/21 Consolidation of Aeronautical VSAT Networks​
​SAT/12-WP/22 RVSM Flight level allocation scheme applicable in EUR/SAM Corridor​
​SAT/12-WP/23 IP/05: Amendment to ICAO SUPPs – Doc 7030​
SAT/12-WP/24​ Workshop on FANS 1/A (ADS/CPDLC) Operational Implementation​
​SAT/12-WP/25 ​Data Collection for RVSM/RNP 10 Post implementation Report
​SAT/12-WP/26 Use of strategic lateral offsets up to 2NM right of track for all suitable equipped aircraft​
SAT/12-WP/27​ Random RNAV Routing Area​
SAT/12-WP/28​ ADS/CPDLC Operational Evaluation Trials of the SACCAN FANS 1/A System in the Canarias FIR/UIR (Second Phase)​
SAT/12-WP/29​ IP/06: CAFSAT Migration to IS 10.02 @ 359 degrees East ​
​SAT/12-WP/30 Implementation of Random RNAV Routing in the South Atlantic​
SAT/12-WP/31​ Air Traffic Management – Not Available Electronically​
SAT/12-WP/32​ Future Work Programme​







​IP No. ​Title
SAT/12 - IP/01​ Information Bulletin ​
SAT/12 - IP/02​ Tentative Work Programme ​
​SAT/12 - IP/03 ​List of Working and Information Papers
​SAT/12 - IP/04 REDDIG Technical Overview and Future Developments​
​SAT/12 - IP/05 ​Presented as WP/23
​SAT/12 - IP/06 Presented as WP/29 ​
SAT/12 - IP/07​ ​Implementation of an RVSM Transition Area in Argentina 
SAT/12 - IP/08​ Current Progress in the Acquisition and Implementation of the CNS Systems in República Argentina​
​SAT/12 - IP/09 ​Surveillance Implementation Plan – Not Available Electronically









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