The Seventh Meeting of the Meteorology Sub-Group (MET/SG/7)
(Dakar, Senegal, 11 – 13 April 2005) 








Letter of Invitation



Working Papers/Notes de travail

​WP # 

No. de WP




WP/1 Draft Provisional Agenda


Review of APIRG Conclusions and Decisions

​WP/3 Terms of Reference, Work Programme and composition of the Meteorology Sub-Group (MET/SG)
​WP/3 Attachment Attachment
​WP/4 ​AFI Meteorological Bulletin Exchange (AMBEX) Scheme
​WP/5 ​List of deficiencies in the MET field
WP/6 Provision of tropical cyclone and volcanic ash advisories for the AFI Region
​WP/6 Attachment Attachment
​WP/7 ​WAFS in the AFI Region


Appendices A and B

​Appendices A and B
​WP/8 ​Challenges facing AFI Meteorological services
​WP/9 ​Review of Regional Meteorological Procedures in AFI ANP/FASID


Appendix A

​Appendix A
​WP/10 ​Summary of Recent Changes to the WAFS and SADIS
​WP/11 ​Strategic Assessment Tables for AFI Region
​WP/12 ​Le WAFS dans la région AFI
​WP/13 ​Provision of WAFS SIGWX Charts in PNG Format
​WP/14 ​Training and Qualification of the Aeronautical Meteorology Personnel
​WP/15 ​Implementation of APIRG and METSG meteorological related decisions and conclusions in ASECNA member states
​WP/16 ​Provision of tropical cyclone and volcanic ash advisories for the Region
Information Papers/Notes d'information
IP # 
No. de IP
​IP/1 Information Bulletin
IP/3 ​Proposed Work Schedule
​IP/4 ​Systèmes d'échange des bulletins météorologiques (AMBEX) dans la région AFI
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