Sixth Meeting of the Aerodromes Operational Planning Sub-Group (AOP/SG/6)
(Nairobi, Kenya, 11 – 13 May 2005) 







AOP/SG/6 Report

Provisional Agenda
Information Papers



Working Papers/Notes de travail

​WP # 

No. de WP




WP/1.1 Follow-up of APIRG/14 Meeting Conclusions and Decisions Concerning Aerodrome Services


Review of deficiencies of the AOP field

​WP/2.2 Follow-up action on AFI/7 RAN Meeting Conclusion 3/2 – Amendment of Table AOP 1
​WP/2.2 ​Table AOP / Tableau AOP
​WP/3.1 ​The ICAO Universal Safety Oversight Audit Programme – Comprehensive Systems Approach
WP/4.1 Certification of Aerodromes
​WP/4.2 ​Rescue and fire fighting
​WP/4.3 ​Amendment No. 7 to Annex 14, Volume 1
​WP/5.1 ​Status of the NLA/TF
Information Papers/Notes d'information
IP # 
No. de IP

Certification of Aerodromes

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