IATA Training and Development Institute
800 Place VictoriaP.O. Box 113Montréal, Québec H4Z 1M1
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Telephone: (514) 874-0202
Center Profile: We train thousands of aviation professionals and businesses each year with a commitment to developing careers and a workforce that makes our industry safe, secure, and sustainable. Our understanding of best practice, international standards, and industry regulations, ensures ITDI courses address real workplace challenges. ITDI offers flexible training solutions in a classroom, distance learning or in-company format to meet all budgets and needs. Whether you are a new recruit, a specialist or senior management, our unique industry insight guarantees courses that are engaging and effective.
125 Airport Commercial Management
153 Management of Air Navigation Systems
Maximising the Benefits of your Frequent Flyer Programme
Revenue Management for Practitioners
269 Cargo Skills and Procedures
269 Advanced Cargo Skills and Procedures
269 Live Animals Regulations
152 Aircraft Purchase Contracts and Operating Leases
125 Airport Strategic Management
152 Aviation Law for Managers
123 Senior Civil Aviation Management
179 Dangerous Goods Regulations Initial
179 Dangerous Goods Regulations Recurrent
179 Dangerous Goods Regulations Workshop
Cargo Marketing
Airline Management Integration-Air Mercury©
International Negotiation Skills
Airline Commercial Challenges and Regulatory Issues
Airline Finance and Accounting Management
Aviation Fuel Management
269 Passenger Proration
Sales Accounting and Control
269 Cargo Proration
Cargo Interline Accounting and Control
209 Professional Skills for Instructors
210 Professional Skills for Dangerous Goods Regulations Instructors - Level 1
Airline Marketing
Managing Distribution Channels and Costs
Introduction to Revenue Management
269 Passenger Fares and Ticketing
269 Passenger Fares and Ticketing - Advanced
152 International Air Law
152 Airline Contract Law
152 Legal Aspects of Aircraft Financing
Airside Safety Awareness
Management of Airside Safety
269 Airline Passenger Services
Flight Operations Management
131 Airline Security
Aircraft Maintenance and Engineering Management
Production Planning and Control
Airline Ground Operations Safety Audit
Quality Management in Airline Operations
Airline Emergency Planning and Response Management
125 Airport Financial Management
125 Airport Marketing
125 Airport Advanced Business Management
Scheduling and Airport Slot Coordination-Advanced Level
179 Shipping Guidelines for Infectious Substances (Class 6.2)
179 Regulations on the Transport of Radioactive Material (Class 7)
269 Shipping Perishable Cargo
Auditing the Technical Operations Function
126 Management of Aviation Facilitation
154 Managing the Safety Oversight Function
Strengthening Maintenance Operations Control
126 Airport Information Management
126 Airport Certification
126 Airport Law and Legal Affairs
131 Airport Security
210 Professional Skills for DGR Instructors - Level 2
269 Passenger Tariff Workshop
Air Cargo Management
Air Operator Certification Process
Air Service Development
Air Transportation and the Environment
78 Aircraft Airworthiness
Airport Operations
Airport Planning
134 Aviation Medicine
120 Aviation Risk Management
211 Aviation Security Trainer
CRM - Threat and Error Management
Fundamentals of Civil Aviation Security
Global Navigation Satellite System Operations Implementation
Airport Ground Handling Operations
Human Factors in Aviation Maintenance
Implementing Safety Management Systems (SMS)
Integrated Management Systems
Introduction to Air Transportation (distance learning)
131 Management of Aviation Security
122 Management of Training in Aviation
153 Quality Management Systems for ANS
131 Senior Management of Civil Aviation Security
Team Resource Management
279 Aviation English