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Welcome to TRAINAIR PLUS  Programme Website

Consistent with the ICAO goal of improving the safety and efficiency of air transport through the establishment, maintenance and monitoring of high standards of training and competency of aviation personnel on a world-wide basis and in a cost-effective manner, ICAO is pleased to introduce the new TRAINAIR PLUS Programme website.





The Safety Management Training Programme




ICAO Regional CDI/STD Meeting


The new TRAINAIR PLUS Programme website offers a more effective course development methodology and new membership framework. Click here to browse the Programme’s brochure.


Join us. You will find all the information on becoming a Full Member or Associate Member on the updated website.


Features include significantly revised course development procedures, the new on-line Standardized Training Package (STP) sharing library, and a self-sustaining budgetary mechanism that encourages the development of new STPs and the upgrading of the existing library.


Our goal is to make ordering an STP and initiating a training course as easy and uncomplicated as it can possibly be. Consult the library. Choose an STP that responds to the training needs of your organization. Ordering an STP and initiating a new course has never been easier.

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