Day 1, Wednesday, 30 November
ICAO MRTD Standards and Specifications
Moderator: Erik Slavenas

  1. ICAO's Role in Setting Global MRTD Specifications and Overview of Document 9303
    Mr. Mauricio Siciliano, MRTD Officer, ICAO
  2. ICAO MRTD Standards & Specifications
    David Philp, New Zealand Passports
  3. Key Elements of the e-MRTD
    Robin Chalmers, United Kingdom
  4. New Doc 9303 Developments and Latest Technical Reports
    Tom Kinneging, Morpho, Netherlands
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  6. Sponsor Presentation: Regula Baltija Ltd.
    Forensic Science Systems

ICAO Public Key Directory (PKD)
Moderator: Dr. Eckart Brauer, Chairman, PKD Board

  1. PKD and ePassport: Inseparable Twins
    Katherine Mitchinson, United Kingdom
  2. ICAO Public Key Directory
    R. Rajeshkumar, Netrust
  3. ePassport Based Identity Check
    Benjamin Marzahn, BSI, Germany
  4. How to become an active PKD Member
    Christiane Dermarkar, ICAO
  5. Sponsor presentation: Entrust
  6. Sponsor presentation: Gemalto

Day 2, Thursday, 1 December
Practical Exercise
Assessing Security of Handling and Issuance of Travel Documents
Moderators: Robin Chalmers and David Philp

  1. Assessing Security of Handling and Issuance of Travel Documents
    Robin Chalmers, United Kingdom
  2. Sponsor presentation: Morpho

Day 3, Friday, 2 December
Assessing Security of Handling and Issuance of Travel Documents:
Briefing by Working Groups

Procurement and Issuance of Travel Documents:
Moderator: Mauricio Siciliano

  1. Assessor's Worksheet
  2. Getting Procurement Right
    David Philp, ICAO ICBWG
  3. ICAO Procurement and Technical Assistance
    Erik Slavenas, ICAO
  4. Evidence of Identity
    Barry Kefauver, ISO
  5. eVisa in the ASEAN Region - Current Developments
    Alex Rayner,
  6. Identity Verification in Passport Issuance and Civil Registration
    Ross Greenwood, Identity Matters Consulting
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  8. Sponsor presentation - Trub: currently not available

Use of Travel Documents and Data in Strengthening Border Security
Moderator: Steve Berti, ICAO

  1. Challenges to Immigration Control in the 21st Century
    Charlie Stevens, United Kingdom
  2. Handling e_MRTDs that Fail to Read
    Robin Chalmers, United Kingdom
  3. The Problem of Imposters
    Charlie Stevens, United Kingdom
  4. Australia Customs and Border Protection
    Dean Church, Australia
  5. eVisa in ASEAN Region Current Developments: currently not available
  6. Closing Remarks
    Mauricio Siciliano, ICAO

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