3M Security Systems

​For more than 30 years, 3M Security Systems has been a trusted partner, helping governments and organizations all over the world develop successful initiatives through advanced strategies, solutions and technologies. As the complexity of personal identification grows, we continue to provide innovative solutions - from security materials to document personalization, printing and issuance through to document reading and authentication.

Mrs. Charlotte Seymour
Communication Specialist
Tel.: +1 651.733.5747
Fax.: +1 651.733.2574

ART-Line Projekt GmbH

​Expertise in Security and Printing


We are an international consulting, engineering and trading company for the high security printing industry - your partner for introducing the latest production technology and for high-quality consumables.

Our know-how is based on more than 25 years' experience in the world of security printing.

We are specialists in manufacturing processes for MRTD, such as:

  • Passports
  • NID - National ID Cards
  • DL - Driver licenses
  • Visa stickers
  • and others

including transponders, RFID and chip integration.

We assist the customer in setting up effective production systems with innovations, state of the art equipment and materials - create together new ideas for future developments.

Mr. Michael Keie
Managing Director
Tel.: +49 821 272780
Fax: +49 821 2727813

Aware, Inc.

​Aware, Inc. has been a leader of the biometrics industry since 1992, providing system integrators and OEMs with a comprehensive array of biometrics software for credentialing, access control, law enforcement, and border management.  We provide SDKs and applications for use on client workstations, as well as Biometric Services Platform (BioSP), a service-oriented application server.  These products perform fingerprint, face, and iris image autocapture, image quality and compliance assurance, ICAO-compliant data formatting and validation, passport personalization, reading, and authentication, and biometric verification and deduplication. 

Mr. Kai Imgenberg
Sales Director, EMEA
Tel.: 1-781-276-4000
Fax: 1-781-276-4001

Canadian Bank Note Company, Limited

​More than 80 nations have engaged CBN as their partner for:

• Travel Documents
• National ID Solutions
• Driver Licences
• Civil Registry Documents
• Secure Document Issuing Systems
• Border Management Systems
• Travel Document Readers
• Biometric Verification System.
Through a consultative approach, we develop and deliver tailored solutions that address the unique challenges encountered by our customers.

Mr. Dwight MacManus
Application Director
Tel.: 613-722-6607
Fax: 613-722-8494

Cognitec Systems

Cognitec develops market-leading face recognition technology and applications for enterprise and government customers around the world. In various independent evaluation tests, our FaceVACS® software has proven to be the premier technology available on the market. Cognitec’s portfolio includes products for facial database search and border control (FaceVACS-DBScan), video screening and analytics with real-time face recognition (FaceVACS-VideoScan), and for ICAO compliant photo capturing and facial image quality assessment (FaceVACS-PortraitAcquisition). Corporate headquarters are located in Dresden, Germany; other offices are in Miami, Florida; Rockland, Massachusetts and Hong Kong.

Mrs. Elke Oberg
Marketing Manager
Tel.: +1 781.616.0600
Fax: +1 781.881.0456

Cross Match Technologies

Cross Match Technologies is a leading global provider of high-quality multimodal biometric identity management systems, applications and services. Company offerings include a wide range of biometric solutions and service options, which are used to capture and process the unique physiological characteristics of individuals to establish and verify their identities.
Offerings include multiple biometric technologies capable of wireless, mobile or stationary use that encompass fingerprint and palm scanners, facial capture software, iris capture devices, multimodal mobile solutions, document readers, biometric software, and related services.
With more than 10,000 customers worldwide in a variety of vertical markets including national and local governments, law enforcement, transportation, critical infrastructure, financial services, education, healthcare and other commercial enterprises, Cross Match products are installed in over 80 countries. 
Ms. Susann Reimann
Sales Assistant
Tel.: + 49 3641 4297 0
Fax: + 49 3641 4297 14

Datacard Group

​Datacard Group helps government agencies and integrators worldwide reduce risk and implement highly secure, reliable and efficient credential programs. Datacard Group has delivered innovative solutions for over 400 ID programs in more than 100 countries, including passports, national IDs, driver’s licenses, healthcare and e-government applications. Backed by more than 40 years of customer success and a world-class service and support network that spans more than 150 countries, Datacard® solutions are used to personalize and deliver 10 million cards, 5 million e-documents and tens of thousands passports in over 15 countries every day.
A deep understanding of industry best practices and standards, along with an open, flexible architecture, ensures security and flexibility for customers. The company offers a Secure Issuance Anywhere™ platform, which includes best-in-class personalization hardware, identity management software, supplies and services, providing the most comprehensive identity and credential management solutions available. Datacard group also designs solutions that meet current industry standards and best practices to help ensure easy deployment and integration. Datacard products and technologies are easy to deploy and integrate into other offerings, so they reduce implementation time and risk, and they allow customers to create unique, flexible solutions. Datacard solutions are backed by more than 40 years of customer success and a world-class service and support network that spans more than 150 countries.

Mrs. Mary L. Olson
Sr. Marketing Manager, Government Solutions
Tel.: +1 952.933.1223
Fax: +1 952.988.1319

De La Rue

​De La Rue Identity Systems is a world expert in the delivery and management of secure government identity programmes, systems and solutions. A reliable and trusted partner of governments worldwide, Identity Systems has implemented over 100 projects in 65 countries focussing on the provision of passport, ePassport, national ID and eID, driving licence and voter registration schemes.

Mrs. Claire Burrows
Marketing Manager
Tel.: +44 (0) 1256 605000
Fax: +44 (0) 1256 605299

EDAPS Consortium

​The EDAPS Consortium is a leading player in the Global market of e-government solutions for passports and IDs.
Using state-of-art technologies and modern certified production facilities, the EDAPS Consortium implements government document projects and promotes the fight against the counterfeiting of passports, identity documents, tax stamp and other highly secure documents. EDAPS has developed a unique system, novel industrial equipment for maintenance of biometrical data and laser engraving and electronic personalization of VISA and MasterCard payment cards.
Having accomplished more than 300 large projects, the EDAPS Consortium combines unrivalled experience in document and goods protection with the application of its unique technologies of the use of polycarbonate, contact and contactless chips, and the creation of information systems and information technologies.
EDAPS Consortium supplies its products in 26 countries of the world.

Nataliia Kochubei
Vice-President for International Relations
Tel.: +1 330 445 612 590
Fax: +1 380 445 612 585

Garsu Pasaulis UAB

An experienced and reliable internationally recognized and fully certified high-security printer and systems integrator with the scope of development, production and delivery of ID and eID documents and the related systems.​

Mr. Andrius Lukosevicius
Head of Security Printing Division
+370 5 2499900
+370 5 2499901


​Gemalto is the world leader in digital security with 2008 annual revenues of €1.68 billion, and 10,000 employees operating out of 75 offices, research and service centers in 40 countries.
In the public sector, Gemalto provides secure documents, robust identity solutions and services for governments, national printers and integrators in the service of citizens. Its products and solutions are deployed in more than 50 government programs worldwide.
Gemalto is contributing to more than 20 ePassport initiatives, over 15 eID national programs and is active in all major eHealthcare schemes and numerous e-driving license, vehicle registration and tachograph projects. 
For more information please visit www.gemalto.com.


Mr. Eric Billiaert
Marketing Communications Manager - Public Sector
Tel.: +33 6 87 80 69 76

Giesecke & Devrient

​The Giesecke & Devrient Group (G&D) is a leading global technology provider with its headquarters in Munich, Germany. Government Solutions is one business unit of the G&D Group and offers high-security (electronic) identification and travel documents, tachograph and healthcare cards as well as solutions for document and product authentication. The company provides expertise extending from consulting and implementation through to the maintenance of identification systems for documents. It also delivers system solutions for data entry, personalization, authentication, application management for e-IDs, and border control in the field of high-security documents.

Ingo Liersch
Head of Segment Marketing - Government Solutions
+49 894119 - 2869
+49 894119 - 9618

Global Enterprise Technologies Corp. (GET GROUP)

​GET Group is a world leader in Passport and ID solutions, developing and delivering a full range of state-of-the-art solutions for over 20 years which include electronic National ID, Passport Issuance, Visa, Border Control, Driving License & Vehicle Registration, and Government Secure ID Solutions. GET Group is the exclusive distributor and value added partner of Toppan digital passport and ID printers with more than 200 million secure passports and IDs issued worldwide using our solutions by governments including the USA, Canada, Greece, South Korea, Mongolia, Malaysia, Malawi, the UAE, Morocco, Egypt, and Tanzania. GET Group solutions comply with ISO and ICAO standards.

230 Third Avenue
Waltham, MA 02451 - USA
Tel.: +1 781.890.6700
Fax: +1 781.890.6320

Griffin Limited

​Griffin Ltd. is an International group of companies with operations since 1997 throughout the Middle East and Africa. Our range of activities includes: Information Technology, Oilfield services, Engineering and Construction, Security & Border Control, Physical Security, Consultancy & Man Power Resource Management & Allocation, Environmental Monitoring & Assessment, Medical Diagnostics products, Shipping & Logistics, Travel & Tourism, Advertising, Currency Exchange/ transfer. Griffin Ltd. has successfully executed projects in Yemen, Iraq, Jordan, Kenya, Tanzania, Djibouti, Zambia and Afghanistan. Recently, Griffin Ltd. was awarded three large contracts in Yemen and Iraq:

1) Design, print and supply the new Yemeni passports.
2) Design, print and supply the new Iraqi “A” series passports and
3) Design, develop, supply, install and deploy the new Iraqi
    Passport Information System.


Mr. Wael S. Zokari
Tel.: +967 1 440625
Fax: +967 1 440622

HID Global

​HID Global’s Government ID Solutions offers an end-to-end source of highly secure, custom government-to-citizen ID programs. From component supply to integrated solutions delivery, offerings include professional consulting services, data capture, card management/ issuance solutions, world-leading credentials and e-documents, readers, inlays, prelaminates, LaserCard® optical security media, and FARGO® card printers.

With leadership in four key ID product segments – e-documents, readers, personalization solutions and credential issuance systems, plus complementary professional services – our solutions are relied on in major national ID, foreign resident/worker ID, passport programs, drivers’ licenses and vehicle registration programs.  We participate in more than 27

e-Passport programs and 49 national/e-ID programs, and our readers, desktop and OEM components are used by five of the top scanner suppliers, and are also deployed in government projects internationally.
With our extensive suite of Genuine HID™ products, customers benefit from the industry's broadest portfolio of trusted, interoperable secure identity solutions across all aspects of the government identification market.


Ms. Monica Nascimento
Director Segment Marketing Communications
Tel.: +1 650 440 3308
Fax: +1 510 574 0101

Holliston LLC

 Holliston LLC is the world’s most trusted manufacturer of premium passport and 
Government security covers materials.   Our diverse product portfolio is specified by the
United Sates Government and more than 60 countries to meet their diverse – and demanding – identification requirements. 

We remain at innovation’s forefront.  Our century – long expertise in secure coatings, and hard –to-replicate embossing is now augmented by the very latest cutting-edge technologies in multiple UV overprints and RFID compatibility. 

Mr. William Waldron
VP of Security Sales
Tel: 001-423-357-3893
Fax: 001-423-357-8840

IAI Industrial Systems

IAI industrial systems is an independent equipment manufacturer to the Security Printing industry. We supply systems to personalise and secure MRTD’s and other valuable documents such as banknotes, cheques and certificates. IAI also offers laser perforated security features, such as ImagePerf (a perforated photograph for ID documents), MicroPerf (a perforated number for banknotes), NumberPerf (a perforated unique number) and LogoPerf (a perforated logo). We constantly seek to improve our products by developing innovative new personalisation technologies or features. IAI’s systems and features are used for various security documents worldwide, ranging from banknotes, bank cheques and certificates to driving licenses, passports and ID cards.

Mr. Will Hospel, Bas Broekman
Sales Manager
Tel.: +31 (0)40 254 24 45
Fax: +31 (0)40 254 56 35
will.hospel@iai.nl, bas.broekman@iai.nl

Inkript Technologies

Inkript Technologies offers a comprehensive range of secure identification solutions targeting governments and large institutions through end to end solutions, from consulting and design to integration and deployment.  Inkript Technologies reputation relies on its ability to create a fully customized offering with a rigorous approach to quality and security.  By teaming up with leading partners in their fields, Inkript Technologies complements its offerings to provide state-of-the-art solutions that meet specific customers' requirements.​

Mr. Jacques Seif
Managing Director


​Founded in 1994, IRIS, the inventor of the world's first ePassport and first multi-application eID card, has more than 14 years of experience as a technology innovator, leading provider of solutions and advancements for trusted identity.

IRIS offers total solutions ranging from smart car manufacturing and ePassport inlay production, personalization and systems integration to secure document management system. IRIS also offers a wide range of technologically-advanced smart devices ranging from basic card readers, to biometric card readers, to multi-application mobile devices and automatic gates. IRIS is passionate about developing quality, innovative solutions that aim to add trust, simplicity and value to a growing portfolio of clients with diverse needs and concerns about the world. 

Find out more at http://www.iris.com.my.

Mrs. Chong Oi Lin
Head of Marketing
Tel: +603 8996 0788
Fax: +603 8996 0441


​European leading provider of trust technologies and services, KEYNECTIS empowers corporate, governments, financial institutions and business partners to secure IDs and electronic transactions for the benefit of the end users.
KEYNECTIS product offer covers all PKI solutions for e-Passport ranging from BAC and EAC software to PKD and SPOC implementation and support.
Our solutions benefit from experience of more than 40 million digital certificates issued and more than 15 million documents signed using KEYNECTIS developed technologies.
KEYNECTIS successfully provided its e-Passport product suite to governments in almost 20 countries and secured up to now 25 million electronic and biometric passports worldwide.


Mrs. Caroline Drobinski
Marcom Manager
Tel.: +33 1 55 64 22 00
Fax: +33 1 55 64 22 01

MaskTech GmbH
MaskTech is the leading independent provider of high security embedded operating systems / SoC designs for human credential applications. Our MTCOS product line is designed for secure semiconductors with powerful crypto co-processors, available and certified Common Criteria – EAL 4+ on a unique variety of different silicon vendors. MTCOS is a fully open standard (ISO/IEC) compliant multi-application OS, used in over 45 travel, ID documents and authentication solutions worldwide. MTCOS was the worldwide first masked operating system with support of the ICAO DOC9303 (ePassport) standards and has been extended successively for national ID (secure signature creation device), eHealth, eDrivers License, eResidencePermit and Micropayment functionality. All applications are included in the OS and can individually or complementary be activated by the user.
Mr. Matthias Duensser
Managing Director
+49 911 955 149-0
+49 911 955 149-7

MELZER maschinenbau GmbH

Melzer is the leading equipment supplier for the industrial production of state-of-the-art MRTD’s, ID Cards, Smart Cards, Contactless Cards and RFID Inlays. Customized solutions in combination with the unique modular inline production processes ensure highest productivity, flexibility and security at a maximum yield. The Melzer product portfolio also includes advanced RFID converting equipment for the production of Smart Labels, Smart Tickets, and Luggage Tags.



  • RFID-Inlays
  • e-NID / ID Cards
  • e-Passport Holderpages & Covers
  • e-Visa Stickers
  • e-Driver Licences
  • e-Health Cards
  • Smart Cards
  • Contactless Cards
  • Dual Interface Cards
  • Magnetic Tape Cards / Tickets
  • Smart Labels / Tags / Tickets / Luggage Tags


International Sales Department

Tel.: 0049 (0) 2336 9292-80
Fax: 0049 (0) 2336 9292-85


​Morpho is the innovative leader in complete solutions for high end polycarbonate ID documents.
Our ePassports are ready for the future: • Biometrics stored in the contactless crypto chip • Fully compliant with ICAO standards and the European Union • Unbreakable link between data in chip and graphic data • 3D Photo ID.

Morpho is market leader in terms of numbers of issued ID documents with a polycarbonate base and integrated contactless microchip. The Netherlands, Switzerland, Ireland, Finland, Slovakia, Albania, Croatia and Romania already chose our solutions.
Mr. Adriaan Kamphorst
Account Manager
Tel.: +31 23 799 5111
Fax.: +31 23 799 5180



The Mühlbauer Group is the only one-stop-shop technology partner for the card, smart card, passport/epassport and RFID industry. With over 2,800 employees, several technology centers all over the world and a global sales and service network, the Mühlbauer Group is the world’s market leader in innovative systems and software solutions for the production and personalization of cards, passports, and RFID applications. Additionally, Mühlbauer supports its customers in project planning, technology transfer including system integration and production support.


Mr. Matthias Karl Köhler

Tel.: +49 (0) 9461-952-0
Fax: +49 (0) 9461 952 1101


With sales of 904 million Euros in 2009, Oberthur Technologies is a world leader in the field of secure technologies with a combined expertise in digital security and secure printing. Security is at the heart of Oberthur Technologies’ internal processes. With a heritage steeped in security in areas such as secure printing, Oberthur technologies is well placed to offer its customers the complete assurance of security in all its operations. Oberthur Technologies works with governments, high security printers and integrators on projects of varying scope: production of all or a part of the secure document, devising the security design or providing end-to-end personalization of the offering.

Ms. Aude Keroué
Communication Manager
Tel: +33 1 55 46 72 99

OeSD - Austrian State Printing House

​OeSD is a modern and innovative Austrian company engaged in developing and printing high-security documents like passports (machine readable and electronic BAC- and EAC-passports), driver's licenses, ID cards, visas and stamps. As the first security printing house worldwide, OeSD was awarded the highest possible rating of "High Security Printer" by Intergraf. Customers on 4 continents trust the high security standard of products made by OeSD. The combination of electronic and printed security features offers forgery protection on multiple levels and OeSD implements additional customer requirements related to personalisation, data management and secure document issuance.

Ms. Claudia Schwendimann

Tel.: +43 1 206 66-0
Fax: +43 1 206 66-100

Omnix International L.L.C.

Omnix International was established in 1987 with the vision of serving its customers by utilizing Information Technology as a vehicle to reach their business objectives. Omnix International is a leading provider of technology enabled solutions in the MENA region.

​Headquartered in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, Omnix International also has offices in Abu Dhabi, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Jordan, Libya and Iraq. 
For over 25 years, we have been serving the Government and private sectors with our expertise and dedication. Omnix Public Services Solutions is a distinguished system integrator and solution provider with special focus on Homeland security, Unified Profiles/Database, Immigration, CID and Civil Register nationwide requirements using Siebel public sector applications, Oracle Customer care utilities and billing, and e-business suite just to name a few.
Mr. Mahmoud Musbah Hussein
Vice President – Public Services Solutions
Tel.: +1 971 50 625 8030
Fax.: +1 971 4 362 53 55


​Optaglio, the world leader in electron beam lithography, focuses on the design, development and production of advanced optical security devices and holograms. Our unique technology, used in the production of holographic features and optical microstructures, is recognized worldwide as the most advanced technological standard.
Optaglio implements next generation technologies to protect the income of our customers and the integrity of their products. We provide high-end security solutions for protection of goods and documents for everyday life. Our innovative approach combined with constant research and development are the key factors contributing to our clients success.
Optaglio products can be found in more than 50 countries across five continents. Our customers range from state-owned institutions and Government Ministries to well-known global brands.

Mr. Roman Kmoníček
Sales Director Strategic Projects
Tel: +420 220 941 075
Fax: +420 220 941 077
obchod@optaglio.cz, sales@optaglio.com

OVD Kinegram

​OVD Kinegram is an innovative, global leader in the supply of advanced Optically Variable Devices (OVDs) to protect government documents and banknotes. More than 90 countries have placed their trust in the KINEGRAM® security device to protect their high security documents. 
OVD Kinegram is a Swiss company and a member of the KURZ Group, headquartered in Germany. 
The company has accumulated over 25 years of experience in the protection against counterfeiting and maintains close contacts with police forces, customs authorities and internationally reputed security specialists.
Whatever your counterfeit-protection needs, OVD Kinegram offers a full range of services: consulting, design, engineering, in-house production, application machines, support as well as after-sales service.


Tel.: +41 41 724 4700
Fax: +41 41 724 4911

Regula Ltd.

​Regula is the original developer of solutions for reading and verification of travel documents. Application ranges from operative check-up to comprehensive analysis of IDs providing tools for every line of immigration control.
Product range comprises several series of full-page document readers – altogether 29 models – including unique autonomous portable document reader of full functionality.
17 year record in document authenticity control area on forensic level provided Regula with exceptional expertise required for implementation of most demanded contemporary function in readers – verification of security features.

In addition Regula is the only developer of document readers who created and maintains its own database of travel documents from all over the world. This provides immigration service with complete interoperable combination of hardware, software and databases.
Mr. Valery Kavaleuski
International Business Development Consultant
Tel.: +375 17 286 2825
Fax: +375 17 210 2397

ruhlamat GmbH

ruhlamat is an innovative engineering and machine building company with its headquarters located in Germany. Activities are focused on chip card and passport processing technology. 

ruhlamat machine concepts are implemented as customer specific individual solutions from innovative and tried-and-tested standard modules through to full turnkey solutions. ruhlamat implements creative process solutions for smart card and passport production in high level standard solutions combined with individualized configurations.  
Our experience is focused on supply of innovative equipment for:


·         Module preparation
·         Card preparation
·         Inlay/RFID solutions
·         Smart card personalisation
·         (e-)Passport solutions
·         Special machinery
ruhlamat’s competent and experienced team of engineers designs and produces systems following DIN EN 9001 and 14001 guidelines. Therefore we achieve highest specification and quality standards.


Ms. Dorothea Richnow
Sales and Marketing Assistant
Tel.: +49 36925 929-305
Fax: +49 36925 929-301

S5 Systems Sdn Bhd

A global integrated security solutions provider for Governments specializing in the areas of Identity Management, Border Control and Document Authentication, S5 Systems offers forensic-level (L3S) identification and verification capabilities to cater to various national ID, border control and document security needs.  

Focusing in enforcement technologies and identity authentication areas, S5's patented NexCode™ technology addresses the ever-increasing demands for national and personal identity security by providing real-time information access capability and is the only effective solution in providing cost-effective enforcement securely over distributed networks and workforces.  

With S5 Systems’ complete suite of solutions, Governments will be better equipped to address various transborder issues including terrorism, human trafficking, crime prevention, document and ID fraud prevention and deterrence. S5 Systems is the winner of the international APICTA Awards for “Best of Security”. 
Ms. Sharifah Ommunnafis binti Shariff Abdul Aziz
Vice President, Business Development
Tel.: +603 2082 1000
Fax: +603 2082 1001

Safelayer Secure Communications

​Safelayer is leader in developing security and trust products for digital identification, authentication and authorization, electronic signature and data encryption. Company products include KeyOne PKI product family and TrustedX trusted web services platform.
Safelayer's KeyOne technology provides the PKI components for the Extended Access Control (EAC) security infrastructure for the second generation ePassport and the Basic Access Control (BAC) for the first generation one, which was standardized by the ICAO. PKI components like certification authority (CA), validation authority (VA) and time-stamping authority (TSA) are also provided.
As the company that was granted the G2C (national eID and ePassport) projects in Spain, Safelayer targets its solutions to government agencies. In addition, Safelayer focuses on banking, large enterprise accounts and into CSP.

Mr. Jordi Buch
Tel.: +34 93 508 80 90
Fax: +34 93 508 80 91

SICPA Securink Corporation

​SICPA is the leading global provider of security inks and systems for anti-counterfeiting and brand protection.

Mr. Tom Jay
VP Sales and Marketing
Tel.: 703-440-7756

Smart Cube Information Technology

​Smart Cube is a worldwide system integrator company that specializes in delivering high quality software applications. Combining a vast experience in NID and passport industry, and being exclusive distributer for TOSHIBA passport printers with proven software development methodologies, Smart Cube is committed to strive towards excellence and to provide software solutions that address ever-arising public and private sector needs in a comprehensive and professional fashion.

Smart Cube is home to personnel with a collective background that encompasses a wealth of expertise in secured documents projects. Guided by a clear vision of making optimal use of technology in facilitating everyday life of citizens, government and businesses alike, Smart Cube is committed to introduce new ways of leveraging the collaboration of these three entities, by providing innovative solutions and bridging organizational silos.

Mr. Salim Abdalla
Tel.: +926 6 460 2000
Fax: +926 6 460 2010


​SMARTRAC is a leading developer, manufacturer, and supplier of RFID transponders and inlays for a broad range of applications in all current frequency standards. Based on technical and operating experience from more than 200 million high-security products produced and supplied to more than 40 e-ID projects worldwide, SMARTRAC is the global market leader for high quality RFID inlays for e-Passports and National ID Cards. Our customers benefit from high security production facilities in Asia, Europe and the US; EAL5+ site certifications, compliance with international standards, highest product quality and reliability, and proven, patent protected technology.

Mr. Martin Kuschewski
Head of Business Unit eID
Tel.: +49 711 656 926-10
Fax: +49 711 656 926-11

Speed Identity AB

​Speed Identity is the world's leading manufacturer and supplier of secure and efficient solutions for live enrolment. Their method to capture biometric data in digital form for electronic passports and IDs are used all over the world.
Today Speed Identity has systems that capture and process face recognition, signatures, fingerprints and iris recognition. All of the Speed Identity systems support the ICAO standards. The Speed Identity technology solution is patented (Pat.Pend EC Design Reg. NO: 000592860).   
With its knowledge about the markets requirement and demands - no matter if the application is for ID or travelling documents - Speed Identity is a safe supplier of market leading biometric solutions for data capture to public authorities and companies. The installation base of the company consists of sites in more than 100 countries all over the world.

Mr. Claes Bohm
Export Sales Manager
Tel.: +46 8 448 70 00
Fax: +46 8 448 72 89

Trüb AG

​Trüb is one of the world’s leading providers of identity cards and travel documents on a high security and quality level. The product portfolio includes national identity cards and residence permits, datapages for passports, driving licenses and tachograph cards. Trüb has developed the Swiss identity card which was launched in 1995 as the world’s first national identity card made from polycarbonate. Other pioneering projects include the e‐identity documents for Estonia and Hong Kong launched in 2003. Over 30 countries on four continents – including Switzerland, UK, the Czech Republic, Croatia, Estonia, Hong Kong and South Africa, are among the company’s governmental clientele.



Mr. Stephan Lips
Head of Corporate Communication
Tel: +41 62 832 0000
Fax: +41 62 832 0100


​Vision-Box is specialized in the fields of biometrics and intelligent CCTV analytics, and has innumerous innovative products such as the new self-service boarding gates, automated border control gates and enrolment solutions.
Vision-Box is known as the worldwide leader for ABC gates that have already been deployed in more than 20 airports, with more than 200 e-gates and over 3 million passengers checked. Our enrolment solutions, the fixed kiosk and portable suitcase have been deployed in more than 150 countries with over 2000 units; these systems integrate the capture of multiple biometric data into a single device. Our CCTV intelligent analytics have some capabilities such as people detection and tracking, face matching and identification.

Mr. Pedro Pinto
Marketing Manager
Tel.: +351 21 154 39 00
Fax: + 351 21 154 39 01

WorldReach Software

​WorldReach is an end‐to‐end provider of consular software management solutions in the form of case management, crisis management, traveler registration and overseas travel document issuance. We provide solutions for ETDs, Overseas Passport Issuance, Electronic Immigration Clearance, and Visa, including Biometric Capture.
WorldReach es un proveedor de soluciones completas de software para servicios consulares tales como manejo de casos, gestión de crisis, registro de viajeros y emisión de documentos de viaje en el extranjero. Proveemos soluciones para ETDs, Emisión de Pasaportes en el extranjero, Autorización Electrónica de Inmigración, y Visa, incluyendo Captura Biométrica.


Mr. Mark Stoochnoff
Manager, Business Development & Sales
Tel.: +1‐613‐742‐6482
Fax: +1‐613‐742‐8188