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3M Canada Company

3M Identity Management is a trusted partner and industry leader in delivering end-to-

end, innovative security solutions to business and governments worldwide. 3M uses its broadband knowledge, in –depth experience and technological expertise to help quickly and accurately solve an array of security challenges. These include biometric identification solutions for law enforcement, government and commercial enterprises, efficient passenger check-in, secure ID and passport document issuance and hardware as well as software system solutions for border management.
Ms. Neil R. Runte

Access IS

Access IS designs and manufactures innovative e-Passport, e-ID and e-DL readers for governmental and commercial applications. From the world’s smallest OEM OCR reader to our advanced full-page passport reader, we have product for every application; Border control, Immigration, Document Issuance, Law Enforcement, Banking, Retail, KYC or Anti-Money Laundering.
Mr. Ludovic Coumetou
Sales Manager - ID & Security
Tel: +44 (0) 7748 770 632
Fax: +44 (0) 118 926 7281

Canadian Bank Note Company, Limited

More than 80 nations have engaged CBN as their partner for:

Travel Documents
National ID
Driver’s Licences
Civil Registry Documents
Border Management Systems






Through a consultative approach, we develop and deliver tailored solutions that address the unique challenges encountered by our customers.
Dwight MacManus
Application Director
Tel.: 613-722-6607
Fax: 613-722-8494

De La Rue

Safeguarding citizen identities is a key issue for governments worldwide. As experts in identity management, De La Rue has a proven track record in the development and delivery of more than 100 projects to over 50 government clients across the globe.

A specialist identity systems integrator, we pride ourselves on our ability to deliver complete identity solutions with the highest possible levels of end-to-end security and most appropriate overall system for the customer.
Mrs. Claire Burrows
Marketing Manager
+44 (0) 1256 605000

DERMALOG Identification Systems GmbH

Welcome to the world of Dermalog, the biometric innovation leaders.  As a pioneer in the development of biometric products and solutions, Dermalog has shaped the world of security for over 25 years.  We have been and keep on revolutionizing biometric security products for laws enforcement, civil governmental agencies like national registration, voter and driver registrations, health agencies, security agencies and develop solutions for access and data security, authorization and authentication services as well las mobile security.  Governmental organizations as well as public and private businesses all over the world trust Dermalog’s expertise and state of the art biometric products.
Mr. Henning Nehse
Sales Director

DLRS Limited

DLRS limited are Ireland’s largest security printer.  Established since 1976, DLRS has an international client base including government departments, financial institutions and commercial organisations.  DLRS limited provides innovative solutions for identity cards and documents, online application systems, system integration and security printing.  Our product range includes passports, fiscal stamps, biometric cards and certificates.  DLRS limited are ISO 9001, 14001, 27001 and Intergraf CWA14641 accredited.
David O’Connor

+353 1 2768665
+353 1 2768666

Emperor Technology

Emperor Technology has been developing secure ID, smart card fare payment and rail transit AFC technologies over the past 20 years and has drawn on this experience to produce a comprehensive range of products.  With leading expertise, rich industry experiences, strong comprehensive technologies, Emperor has been providing cost effective product, flexible solutions and satisfying service to our customer.  Emperor Technology is your reliable l technology partner.
Mrs. Sandrine Li
International Marketing Manager
86 755 83416677
86 755 83416349

Entrust Datacard

Consumers, citizens and employees increasingly expect anywhere-anytime experiences, whether they are making purchases, crossing borders, accessing e-gov service or logging onto corporate networks,  Entrust Datacard offers the trusted identity and secure transaction technologies that make those experiences reliable and secure.  Solutions range from the physical world of financial cards, passports and ID cards to the digital realm of authentication, certificates and secure communications.  With more than 2,000 Entrust Datacard colleagues around the world and a network of strong global partners, the company serves customers in 150 countries worldwide.
Mr. Mark Joynes


Foster & Freeman

​Foster and Freeman design and build document examination systems for Immigration and Border Authorities all over the world. The equipment is used for in-depth, second and third level forensic examination of questioned documents including passports, ID cards and other security /travel related documents. The systems include fully integrated document databases, RFID readers, microscopes and other options. 

Further advanced techniques for examination of paper, inks and security films/laminates are possible using the company's ECCO and RAMAN systems.
Products include ESDA, VSC6000, VSC400, VSC40, ECCO, FORAM 685-2 and eye-D for the examination of documents.
Mr. Richard Evans
Business Development Manager
Tel.: +44 1386 768050
Fax: +44 1386 765351


​Gemalto is the world leader in digital security with 2008 annual revenues of €1.68 billion, and 10,000 employees operating out of 75 offices, research and service centers in 40 countries.

In the public sector, Gemalto provides secure documents, robust identity solutions and services for governments, national printers and integrators in the service of citizens. Its products and solutions are deployed in more than 50 government programs worldwide.
Gemalto is contributing to more than 20 ePassport initiatives, over 15 eID national programs and is active in all major eHealthcare schemes and numerous e-driving license, vehicle registration and tachograph projects.  
For more information please visit
Mr. Eric Billiaert
Marketing Communications Manager - Public Sector
Tel.: +33 6 87 80 69 76

GET Group Holdings Ltd

GET Group is a world leader in providing governments with innovative, reliable and cost effective high security document issuing and personalization solutions.  With two decades of experience, GET Group has the skills and the know how to manage the complete scope of products, including analysis, logistics, implementation, security, support, management and maintenance.  With projects all over the world, GET Group is proud of its references, which are available upon request.
230 Third Avenue
Waltham, MA 02451 - USA
Tel.: +1 781.890.6700
Fax: +1 781.890.6320

HeiTech Padu Berhad

HeiTech Padu is a technology conglomerate from Malaysia. Being at the forefront of Malaysia’s ICT industry in the public sector for more than twenty years, HeiTech has developed numerous IT solutions, amongst many is our Government Identity Management solutions suite for passport, visa, National ID, Driver License and Civil Registration Management.
Jonas Lind
+603 8601 3000
+603 8024 3140

HID Global

​HID Global’s Government ID Solutions offers an end-to-end source of highly secure, custom government-to-citizen ID programs. From component supply to integrated solutions delivery, offerings include professional consulting services, data capture, card management/ issuance solutions, world-leading credentials and e-documents, readers, inlays, prelaminates, LaserCard® optical security media, and FARGO® card printers.

With leadership in four key ID product segments – e-documents, readers, personalization solutions and credential issuance systems, plus complementary professional services – our solutions are relied on in major national ID, foreign resident/worker ID, passport programs, drivers’ licenses and vehicle registration programs.  We participate in more than 27 e-Passport programs and 49 national/e-ID programs, and our readers, desktop and OEM components are used by five of the top scanner suppliers, and are also deployed in government projects internationally.

With our extensive suite of Genuine HID™ products, customers benefit from the industry's broadest portfolio of trusted, interoperable secure identity solutions across all aspects of the government identification market.
Ms. Monica Nascimento
Director Segment Marketing Communications
Tel.: +1 650 440 3308
Fax: +1 510 574 0101

Hologram Industries

Hologram Industries is a global leader in security devise and systems offering an extensive range of innovative solutions to guarantee fiduciary, identity and travel documents security to authenticate, track and trace global brands.  With operations and sales network on all continents, Hologram industries are an international company with more than 80% of its revenue outside France.  Recognized by industries has 30 years  experience  in holography and is certified CWA/Intergraf.  Member of IHMA, the company invest each year more than 10% in research and development.
Mrs. Corinne Murcia Giudicelli

IAI Industrial Systems

IAI industrial systems is an independent equipment manufacturer to the Security Printing industry. We supply systems to personalise and secure MRTD’s and other valuable documents such as banknotes, cheques and certificates. IAI also offers laser perforated security features, such as ImagePerf (a perforated photograph for ID documents), MicroPerf (a perforated number for banknotes), NumberPerf (a perforated unique number) and LogoPerf (a perforated logo). We constantly seek to improve our products by developing innovative new personalisation technologies or features. IAI’s systems and features are used for various security documents worldwide, ranging from banknotes, bank cheques and certificates to driving licenses, passports and ID cards.
Mr. Bart Crols
Director Marketing and Sales
Tel.: +31 (0)40 254 24 45
Fax: +31 (0)40 254 56 35
Bart Crols

Imprimerie Nationale

The Imprimerie Nationale Group is a high tech company, expert in engineering solutions for official credentials, the global management of identities and rights, the protection of sensitive data and controlling flows and complex printing processes.

The Imprimerie Nationale Group accompanies actors in the public and private sectors in the creation of identity documents, the security of documents and in the integration of trust services and technological solutions. The Imprimerie Nationale produces more than 25 million secure credentials each year, including the French biometric passport.


Mr. Olivier Brunet
Marketing Director
+33 (0) 442538830

Inkript Technologies

Inkript Technologies offers a comprehensive range of secure identification solutions targeting governments and large institutions through end to end solutions, from consulting and design to integration and deployment. Inkript Technologies reputation relies on its ability to create a fully customized offering with a rigorous approach to quality and security. By teaming up with leading partners in their fields, Inkript Technologies complements its offerings to provide state-of-the-art solutions that meet specific customers' requirements.​
Mr. Jacque Seif
Managing Director
+961 1 412 000


​Founded in 1994, IRIS, the inventor of the world's first ePassport and first multi-application eID card, has more than 14 years of experience as a technology innovator, leading provider of solutions and advancements for trusted identity.

IRIS offers total solutions ranging from smart car manufacturing and ePassport inlay production, personalization and systems integration to secure document management system. IRIS also offers a wide range of technologically-advanced smart devices ranging from basic card readers, to biometric card readers, to multi-application mobile devices and automatic gates. IRIS is passionate about developing quality, innovative solutions that aim to add trust, simplicity and value to a growing portfolio of clients with diverse needs and concerns about the world. 

Find out more at
Mrs. Chong Oi Lin
Head of Marketing
Tel: +603 8996 0788
Fax: +603 8996 0441

JenID Solutions GmbH

Based in Germany, JenID solutions provide web based software solutions to enable ID document checks and verifications:  Genuine-ID.  Our innovative technology allows fast and reliable checks on all documents, from driving license to national identity cards and passports.  We strive to serve both governmental land private organisations by giving them one of the most innovative, reliable and flexible solutions currently on the market.
Mr. Michael Weisbach

+49 3641 316 1072

Jura JSP GmbH

Jura Group is a reputed supplier in the high security printing and document market. Jura has a huge customer-base among high-end security printers and document issuers.

Jura shows her travel-documents-related special applications at ICAO MRTD Forum:
-          lPl, to protect the portrait and personal data on travel documents against manipulation and replacement,
-          Letter screen++, a unique personalized machine-verifiable ghost image for passports,
-          IDP to secure non-photo personal documents against data manipulation

 -          ICI, to protect the base travel document against reproduction.
Mr. Janos Friss

KBA-NotaSys, Atlantic Zeiser & Kugler-Womako

In recent years, we have witnessed a clear evolution in the creation of passports and we have learnt from discussions with various passport-issuing authorities and other governmental institutions, that there is a need for a single-source supplier to support countries that are currently depending on external resources for the creation of their security documents. KBA-NotaSys, together with our partners Kugler-Womako and Atlantic Zeiser, has accepted the challenge and has created an integrated, turnkey solution encompassing all the technologies needed for the creation of highly secure passports and other governmental security documents. The partners in this project all operate on the same high standard and are seen as innovative leaders in their respective fields.

Ms. Katia Acebo

MODI Modular Digits

MODI GmbH is a German company which is specialized on identification products since more than 10 years and has developed a revolutionary camera technology – the Adomo Technology.  Based on this proved technology, MODI has designed tis future vision of high speed entrance control for high secured areas and ABC gates with outstanding features.  MODI is a partner in the FastPass research project of the European commission with the aim of harmonization of Europe Air, sea and land borders
Mr. Dieter Klawunder


Morpho government identity solutions.  We help government agencies and institutions protect the identify of citizens and guarantee privacy.  In a digital world where mobile transactions are on the rise we offer complete solutions which guarantee convenience and security in the usage of the citizen’s identities.  These include enrollment services, identity management and verification secure ID document personalization and strong authentication of online services.  Our solutions and services are deployed in more than 45 countries for identity, travel documents, driver license and healthcare markets.
Mr. Herman Hemels


Mount Airey Group, Inc.

Mount Airey Group is the home of the Ozone® Border Security e-Passport Validation suite of products. These products can be used as part of a full scale border validation solution, in-house quality issuance vetting, or as a local solution for vetting e-Passports. Ozone® is designed to integrate with the ICAO PKD and other border solutions around the world in order to make sure you have up-to-date information to validate e-Passports. Its powerful policy controls allow you to set country specific policy sets to maximize the security for the current posture of each country.
Mr. Bill Russell


State-of-the-art technologies and solutions

Founded in 1981, the Mühlbauer Group has grown to a leading global player of the security sector. We specialize in innovative solutions and systems for the smart card, ePassport and semiconductor industry. With 35 production and service locations worldwide we have established ourselves as a competent partner dedicated to implementing security system
Mr. Matthias Karl Köhler

Tel.: +49 (0) 9461-952-0
Fax: +49 (0) 9461 952 1101

NBS Technologies Inc

For over 40 years, NBS Technologies Inc. has taken on a leadership role in the industry.  It has since expanded operations with locations in Canada, United States, France and the United Kingdom in addition to an expansive Dealer network which services customers worldwide. NBS Technologies is owned by Ai Holdings Corporation, listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange with subsidiaries complementing our portfolio.

We provide equipment and customized solutions for card personalization requirements as well as specialized NBS wafer packing equipment and handling tools. Whether high-volume central issuance, or instant card issuance, NBS Technologies is your total card solution.
Ms. Anna Chang


NXP Semiconductors

NXP is a leading technology supplier for electronic Identification documents,
trusted by nearly 85% of governments who have implemented electronic passports to date.
Stéphane Barbu
Head of Secure ID Americas

OVD Kinegram

​OVD Kinegram is an innovative, global leader in the supply of advanced Optically Variable Devices (OVDs) to protect government documents and banknotes. More than 90 countries have placed their trust in the KINEGRAM® security device to protect their high security documents. 
OVD Kinegram is a Swiss company and a member of the KURZ Group, headquartered in Germany. 
The company has accumulated over 25 years of experience in the protection against counterfeiting and maintains close contacts with police forces, customs authorities and internationally reputed security specialists.
Whatever your counterfeit-protection needs, OVD Kinegram offers a full range of services: consulting, design, engineering, in-house production, application machines, support as well as after-sales service.

Tel.: +41 41 724 4700
Fax: +41 41 724 4911


PETREL is a French company 100% dedicated to the production and innovations in the field of security, with  the manufacture of highly sophisticated security inks to be used by offset, silkscreen, flexo and gravure, security stitching threads for passports and similar booklets' and security fibres used by the paper-mills for the production of security papers.

http://www.petrel-security. com
Mr. Michel Jalon


Polish Security Printing Works (PWPW)

Polish Security Printing Works is a commercial company entirely owned by state treasury and is one of the world’s leading producers of identity documents and banknotes.  PWPW also provides plastic cards and security paper.  It is also a supplier of modern IT solutions for secure transactions and data transmission and IT systems that assist the process of personalising and issuing identity documents.  PWPW provides solutions for institutions from several countries in Europe, Asia, Africa and South America
Ms. Ewa Hutny


Regula Ltd.

​Regula is the original developer of solutions for reading and verification of travel documents. Application ranges from operative check-up to comprehensive analysis of IDs providing tools for every line of immigration control.
Product range comprises several series of full-page document readers – altogether 29 models – including unique autonomous portable document reader of full functionality.
17 year record in document authenticity control area on forensic level provided Regula with exceptional expertise required for implementation of most demanded contemporary function in readers – verification of security features.

In addition Regula is the only developer of document readers who created and maintains its own database of travel documents from all over the world. This provides immigration service with complete interoperable combination of hardware, software and databases.
Mr. Valery Kavaleuski
International Business Development Consultant
Tel.: +375 17 286 2825
Fax: +375 17 210 2397

Ruhlamat GmbH

​Ruhlamat is an innovative macine building company with its headquarters located in Germany.  Activities are focuesed on smart card and passport systems as well as assembly systems.  Ruhlamat implements creative process solutions for smart card and poassport production in high level standard solutions combined with individualized configurations.  Ruhlamt provides innovative systems for:

  • Production and personalization of samrt cards.
  • Productino and personalization of (e-) passport
  • Chip moduel production
  • Inlay / RFID production

Ruhlamat's competent and experienced team of engineers desgigns and productions systems following DIN EN 9001, DIN EN 1401 guidelines.  Therefore we achieve highest specifications and quality standards.
Nicole Heller
Marketing Manager and PR
+49 36925 929-260

Secunet Security Networks AG

Since its founding in 1996, secunet has been one of the leading German IT-Security providers. Being close partners of the BSI and its developments, secunet’s specialists have positioned themselves as pioneers in the areas of biometrics and eIDs. They have developed modular and standard-compliant solutions, which are internationally acknowledge standards today (GRT, biomiddle). Together with customer-specific developments and a highly specialised consulting secunet supports OEMs, systems integrators and public authorities when it comes to making their enrolment-solutions, verification- and border control scenarios flexible, calculable and fit for the future. Customers such as the German Federal Police and the Austrian Ministry of the interior rely on secunet.
Georg Hasse
Head of Consulting / Division Homeland Security
+49 201 5454-3087
+49 201 5454-1321

SICPA Securink Corporation

​SICPA is the leading global provider of security inks and systems for anti-counterfeiting and brand protection.
Mr. Tom Jay
VP Sales and Marketing
Tel.: 703-440-7756

Speed Identity AB

​Speed Identity is the world's leading manufacturer and supplier of secure and efficient solutions for live enrolment. Their method to capture biometric data in digital form for electronic passports and IDs are used all over the world.
Today Speed Identity has systems that capture and process face recognition, signatures, fingerprints and iris recognition. All of the Speed Identity systems support the ICAO standards. The Speed Identity technology solution is patented (Pat.Pend EC Design Reg. NO: 000592860).   
With its knowledge about the markets requirement and demands - no matter if the application is for ID or travelling documents - Speed Identity is a safe supplier of market leading biometric solutions for data capture to public authorities and companies. The installation base of the company consists of sites in more than 100 countries all over the world.
Mr. Claes Bohm
Export Sales Manager
Tel.: +46 8 448 70 00
Fax: +46 8 448 72 89

Trüb AG

​Trüb is one of the world’s leading providers of identity cards and travel documents on a high security and quality level. The product portfolio includes national identity cards and residence permits, datapages for passports, driving licenses and tachograph cards. Trüb has developed the Swiss identity card which was launched in 1995 as the world’s first national identity card made from polycarbonate. Other pioneering projects include the e‐identity documents for Estonia and Hong Kong launched in 2003. Over 30 countries on four continents – including Switzerland, UK, the Czech Republic, Croatia, Estonia, Hong Kong and South Africa, are among the company’s governmental clientele.
Mr. Stephan Lips
Head of Corporate Communication
Tel: +41 62 832 0000
Fax: +41 62 832 0100


Veridos GmbH creates secure and pioneering identification and identity solutions. Founded in January 2015, the joint venture between Giesecke & Devrient GmbH, Munich, and Bundesdruckerei GmbH, Berlin, offers its customers a unique product portfolio from a single source. For instance, it covers the entire value chain for passports, from paper right through to the eGates. The German company is a reliable partner valued by governments and public authorities. So far, it can count over 70 countries among its customers. In addition to its headquarters in Berlin and the operating facility in Munich, Veridos is represented around the world.
Mareike Ahrens
Senior Manager Marketing Communications
Tel: +49 30 259298 35
Fax: +49-30-259298-70


​Vision-Box is specialized in the fields of biometrics and intelligent CCTV analytics, and has innumerous innovative products such as the new self-service boarding gates, automated border control gates and enrolment solutions.
Vision-Box is known as the worldwide leader for ABC gates that have already been deployed in more than 20 airports, with more than 200 e-gates and over 3 million passengers checked. Our enrolment solutions, the fixed kiosk and portable suitcase have been deployed in more than 150 countries with over 2000 units; these systems integrate the capture of multiple biometric data into a single device. Our CCTV intelligent analytics have some capabilities such as people detection and tracking, face matching and identification.
Mr. Pedro Pinto
Marketing Manager
Tel.: +351 21 154 39 00
Fax: + 351 21 154 39 01

WCC Smart Search & Match

Founded in 1996, WCC Smart Search & Match specializes in the development of enterprise level search and match software for identity matching.  Its software platform ELISE delivers meaningful identity matches using multiple biometrics and/or biographic data from a wide range of sources at sub second response times.  ELISE is highly scalable and extremely robust and is used by large health insurance companies and government agencies for immigration, border security and customs control.  The company is headquartered in the Netherlands and has offices in the USA and the Middle East.  For more information, please visit.
Mrs. Marie-Louise Scheers

WorldReach Software

WorldReach is an end-to-end provider of consular software management solutions in the form of case management, crisis management, traveller registration and overseas travel document issuance.  We provide solutions for emergency travel documents, overseas passport issuance, electronic immigration clearance and Visa including biometric capture.
Mr. Steven Grant
Manager, Business Development & Sales
Tel.: +1‐613‐742‐6482
Fax: +1‐613‐742‐8188

X Infotech

X-Infotech , a leading systems integrator and a developer of software suite MultiPerso, delivers premium solutions for issuing, verifying and managing of electronic ID documents.  Company’s turnkey solutions, fully independent and flexible, in combination with an unrivalled team expertise, allow eID programs to be implemented easy, adapting any environment and supporting any equipment and chip type.  The company’s portfolio covers solutions for biometric enrollment, personalization, authentication, PIKI, border control and further professional maintenance.  With successfully implemented projects already in 40 countries, X-Infotech has become a trusted business partner and preferred solutions and services provider for more than 100 clients.
Mr. Sergey Yeliseyev

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