Monday, 12 September

Solutions-Oriented Workshop

  1. Gemalto, Ms. Verna Heino
    3rd Generation Electronic Passport
  2. Entrust, Inc., Mr. David Mahdi
    Let's Talk: Trends in ePassport Trust
  3. EDAPS Consortium, Mr. Yuriy Shostak
    Global Identity Verification & Migration Mobility Control
  4. Morpho, Mr. Joost van Roon
    The Function of Design in Passports and other ID Documents
  5. IRIS Corporation Berhad, Mr. Ronald Saade
    Beyond the Book ... Compelling Issues in Search of Resolution - will be available shortly
  6. Crane Micro-Optic Solutions, Mr. Scott Palm
    Micro-Optic Security Features: Applications to Identification Documents
  7. Speed Identity AB, Mr. Magnus Löfgren
    Avoiding the Pitfalls of biometric Data Enrollment

Ten Years since 9/11 :
Lessons Learnt and Ongoing Challenges in Combating Terrorism

  1. Mr. Raymond Benjamin
    Secretary General, ICAO
  2. Mr. Rand Beers - Not available
    Under Secretary, Department of Homeland Security, United States
  3. Ambassador Francisco Jose Madeira
    Special Representative of the Chairperson of the Commission on Counter Terrorism Cooperation, African Union
  4. Mrs. Folasade Odutola
    Director, Air Transport Bureau, ICAO
  5. Mr. Jim Marriott, Chief, Aviation Security Branch, ICAO
    ICAO AVSEC Declaration 2010 and Beyond: the Emerging MRTD Strategy
  6. Mr. Philip Baum, Managing Director, Green Light Ltd. & Editor, Aviation Security International, UK
    Post-9/11 AVSEC Incidents: Highlighting the Need for a Comprehensive Approach
  7. Ms. Susanne Aigner, Deputy Director Compliance and Facilitation, World Customs Organization
    Intelligence-Driven Risk Management and the Benefits of a Partnership Approach at National, International and Global Level to Secure End-to-End Supply Chains for all Modes of Transport
  8. Marty Kenner, 3M
    Maintaining the Integrity of the Passport Biodata Page
Tuesday, 13 September

Ten Years since 9/11 :
Lessons Learnt and Ongoing Challenges in Combating Terrorism

  1. Mr. Mike Smith, Executive Director, United Nations Counter-Terrorism Executive Directorate (UN CTED)
    Keynote: Countering Terrorism Together
  2. Ms. Christine Desloges, CEO Passport Canada
    Keynote: ePassport and the Security Program at Passport Canada

Use of Travel Documents and Data :
Their Role in Combating Terrorism and Trans-Border Crime

  1. Mr. Dwight MacManus, Director, Travel Applications,
    Canadian Bank Note Company, Ltd.
    Non-Compliant Travel Documents: State of Play and Implications to Border Security
  2. Mr. David Clark, Caicos Management Associates, President, Canada
    ePassport Compliance Challenges: the Border Control Perspective
  3. Mr. Charles Stevens, Former Head of the UK National Document Fraud Unit
    Challenges to the Immigration Control in 21st Century
Sponsor: Bundesdruckerei GmbH
One Year Forward - A Review and a New Roll Out
  1. Mr. Jean-Marc Gionet, Deputy Director, Citizenship and Immigration Canada
    Overview of the Five country Conference (FCC)
    Data sharing Working Group
  2. Mr. Gordon Duguid, OAS/CICTE Secretary
    Keynote: CICTE's Counter-terrorism Capacity Building Strategy
  3. Mr. Jitendra Thaker, Facilitation Officer, ICAO
    Advance Passenger Information and Passenger Name Record (API/PNR):
    Regulatory Framework and Practical Applications
  4. Mr. P.I. Martynov, Russian Federation
    Perspective of Development of Technical Means of Border Control and Education Process of Border Control Specialists
  5. Mr. Bill Russell, Vice President, Mount Airey Group, United States
    Authenticating Travel Documents:
    Challenges and Good Practices
Sponsor: Morpho B.V.
The Function of Design in Passports and other ID Documents
Wednesday, 14 September

Procurement Workshop :
Ensuring Quality and ICAO Compliance of Travel Documents

  1. Ms. Marie-Ange Baraer, Procurement Officer, Technical Co-operation Bureau, ICAO
    MRTD Procurement: The Foundations of a Tender Process
  2. Mr. David Philp, ICBWG Chair, General Manager, Passports, Department of Internal Affairs, New Zealand
    Getting Procurement Right: Points to Watch in Implementing a New Travel Document
  3. Mr. Patrick F. Molinari, Chief, Procurement Section, Technical Co-operation Bureau, ICAO
    ICAO Procurement Services: Ensuring the Quality of MRTD Tenders
  4. Mr. David Philp
    ICAO MRTD Request for Information (RFI): Relevance to MRTD Procurement

ICAO MRTD Specifications and Secure Issuance of Travel Documents

  1. Mr. Tom Kinneging, Senior expert standardization, Morpho
    Acting convenor of ISO/IEC JTC1 SC17 Working Group 3
    Current Document 9303 Developments and Latest Technical Reports
  2. Mr. Gustav Söderlind, Research Officer, Frontex
    Frontex Study on Security of Electronic Passports (ePassports) in Europe
  3. Mr. Mauricio Siciliano, MRTD Officer, ICAO
    ICAO's Sub-Programme on Evidence of Identity:
    Issues, Objectives and Expectations
  4. Ms. Samiah Ibrahim, Manager, Forensic Document Examination Section,
    Canada Border Services Agency
    Use of Forensic Document Examination for Evidence of Identity
  5. Ms. Mia Harbitz, Senior Specialist, InterAmerican Development Bank
    Identity Management from the Start:
    Basic Conditions for Establishing a Unique, Legal Identity from Birth
Sponsor: EDAPS
EDAPS Laser : New industrial challenge of Ukraine
Thursday, 15 September

PKI and ICAO PKD Workshop :

  1. Dr. Duncan Westland, UK
    PKD and ePassport - Inseparable Twins
  2. Mr. R. Rajeshkumar, Netrust Pty., Ltd., Singapore, PKD Operator
    Standard Conformity: - the PKD Role
  3. Mr. Benjamin Marzahn, BSI, Germany
    ePassport Based Identity Check - Example
  4. Ms. Christiane DerMarkar, ICAO, PKD Board Secretary
    How to Become an Active PKD Participant -
    A Guided Tour
Sponsor: DeLaRue
All the Proof you need: Design Excellence

Summary and Conclusions : Mr. Barry Kefauver, ICAO TAG/MRTD expert, ISO, United States

Closing Remarks : Mrs. Folasade Odutola, Director, Air Transport Bureau, ICAO

Sponsor: Entrust, Inc.
Let's Talk : Global Travel Identity PKI


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