Information for STEBs Manufacturers

List of manufacturers and distributors
A list of manufacturers and distributors currently registered with ICAO is available on the ICAO List of STEB Manufacturers and Distributers.
**Please note that ICAO does not provide any kind of certification for STEBs. The ICAO List of Manufacturers and Distributors of STEBs is an indicative list only and STEBs should be distributed by known suppliers authorised by your national authority, that is, only national authorities, not ICAO, "certify" STEBs. ICAO confirms that it has received enough evidence to demonstrate manufacturer status for STEBs that meet ICAO specifications.**
In order to become listed on the ICAO List of Manufacturers and Distributors, please ensure that your STEBs are produced in accordance with the guidelines detailed in the document “Relevant Information for STEB Manufacturers and Distributers from EB 2008/32 - Guidance Material on Security Controls for Liquids, Aerosols and Gels (LAGs)”.
Your STEBs design should meet all the technical specifications given in this document - section “Technical Specifications for Security Tamper-Evident Bags (STEBS)” and please take note to include the company name, together with the three-letter code for your State.
Once you have produced your STEBs following ICAO specifications, please send us three samples for confirmation purposes, together with technical information on your production process, equipment, and current/potential clients/customers in the civil aviation industry (States, airports, airlines, retailers, etc...).
For our mailing address, please send an email to including your company name and contact details when writing to us.
Any questions you may have regarding LAGs and STEBs may also be directed to
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