Based on the ANI/WG Terms of Reference for expediting the work progress and to focus on the regional priorities, and considering the existence of various Ad hoc Groups that were working in support of the implementation working groups, such as the ADS-B Ad hoc Group, the AMHS Implementation Group, etc., the ANI/WG/1 Meeting considered necessary to group them under the ANI/WG structure, including any other specific implementation task group, with the aim of providing continuity. In this regard, seven topics that shall be developed through Task Forces under the ANI/WG were formed.
Rapporteur: Fernando Casso, Dominican Republic


Terms of reference & Membership Work Programme ​​
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1st AIDC Teleconference, 29 October 2013
2nd AIDC Teleconference, 3 December 2013
​3rd AIDC Teleconference, 17January 2014
​4th AIDC Teleconference, 18 February 2014
​5th AIDC Teleconference, 18-19 March 2014
​6th AIDC Teleconference, 9 April 2104
​7th AIDC Teleconference, 25 April 2014
​8th AIDC Teleconference, 9 May 2104
​9th AIDC Teleconference, 13 June 2014
​10th AIDC Teleconference, 22 September 2014
​11th AIDC Teleconference, 22 January 2015


 FPL Monitoring Group ​ ​

- Template for FPL Data Collection EN ES

- Suggested Actions EN ES

- Guidance on FPL error EN ES

- Action PlanEN ES

​Terms of Reference

​Questionnaire on "Alternative Aerodrome"
​Status of NFPL 2012 Converters
​1st FPL Teleconference, 9 July 2014
2​nd FPL Teleconference, 29 July 2014
​3rd FPL Teleconference, 24 October 2014
4th FPL Teleconference, 30 October 2014
​5th FPL Teleconference, 5 November 2014
​6th FPL Teleconference, 8 December 2014
​7th FPL Teleconference, 22 January 2015
​8th FPL Teleconference, 10 March 2015