Safety Oversight Air Navigation Services (ANS) Seminar
ICAO NACC Regional Office, Mexico City, Mexico, 12 to 16 May 2014​




Invitation Letter​​
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​Module 1 - Introduction to the Workshop
​Module 2 - Update Overview of the USOAP CMA
​Module 3 - How to conduct a self-assessment with Protocol Questions (PQs) and How to Update Corrective Action Plans (CAPs)
​ANS Audit Protocol Questions
​Module 4 - Updates on CMA Online Framework and Electronic Filing of Differences (EFOD) system
​Annex 19
​Module 5 - USOAP CMA on SSP – Rollout
​PQs for excercise
​AIM-QMS requirements and the approach of an external auditor
​USOAP Effective Communication Techniques
​USOAP ANS inspectorate AIM/MET/CNS Audit Matters

​Caracterología del Investigador
​El SMS y la investigación de accidentes
​La importancia de considerar los Factores humanos en el SMS
​The Canadian SMS Experience
​Safety Oversight ANS-Jamaica
​Taller Vigilancia ANS- COCESNA
​SMS Frameworik
​Annex 19 Cross-reference
​ANS Deficiencies exercise
​ATS Airspace Safety Case
​Audit Principles, Attributes & Comm
​Exercise CAP Checklist
​Técnicas de entrevistas en auditorías
​ANS Safety Oversight Seminar