Twenty-eighth MEVA Technical Management Group (MEVA/TMG/28)
Miami, United States, 26 to 30 May 2014
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​Final Report

 Working Papers 

​# Item ​Title ​Date ​Language
WP/01 ​--- ​Provisional Agenda; Work Method and Schedule of the Twenty-Eighth MEVA Technical Management Group (Presented by the Secretariat)



WP/02 ​1 ​Introduction to MEVA III Advanced High-Level Training (Presented by the COMSOFT) ​22/05/14
WP/03 ​2 ​Review of Conclusions/Actions from Previous MEVA/TMG Meetings (Presented by the MEVA TMG Coordinator)









MEVA II - TMG/28 Presentation (Presented by SES)

 Complements to Presentation

WP/06 ​3 ​Updates on the MEVA II Network (Presented by United States) ​26/05/14
WP/08 ​6 ​MEVA III Task Force Report (Presented by MEVA III  Task Force Rapporteur) ​26/05/14
WP/09 ​6 ​MEVA III Service Provider/COMSOFT Staff and Organization (Presented by the COMSOFT) ​22/05/14
WP/10 ​7 ​Review of MEVA III Contractual Matters (Presented by the COMSOFT) ​23/05/14
WP/11 8​​ ​MEVA III Implementation Activities (Presented by the COMSOFT) ​23/05/14
WP/12 ​9 ​MEVA III Deliverable Results (Presented by the COMSOFT) ​23/05/14
WP/13 ​10 ​MEVA III Implementation Schedule (Presented by the COMSOFT) ​22/05/14
​WP/14 ​11 ​NAM/CAR Air Navigation Targets related to MEVA III Implementation (Presented by the Secretariat) 26/05/14
​WP/15 ​11 ​ICAO Technical Cooperation Project (RLA/09/801) – Implementation of Performance-Based Air Navigation Systems for the CAR Region– MEVA III Go-teams (Presented by the Secretariat) 26/05/14
​WP/16 5​ ​MEVA II Transition Considerations (Presented by the Secretariat) 26/05/14


 Information Papers


​# ​Item ​Title ​Date ​Language
​IP/01 ​--- ​List of Working and Information Papers  (Presented by the Secretariat) ​27/05/14