CAR Region Safety and Air Navigation Directors Meeting
ICAO NACC Regional Office, Mexico City, Mexico, 18 to 19 February 2014
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Working Papers


Item Title ​ Date​ Language​ ​
WP/01 1​ Provisional Agenda and Schedule of the Safety and Air Navigation Directors of the CAR Region Meeting - (Presented by the Secretariat)
Rev. 2
WP/02 3.1 NAM/CAR Air Navigation Priorities and Targets​ - (Presented by the Secretariat) 24/01/14
WP/03 3.2​ RASG-PA Progress Report​  (Presented by the Secretariat) 31/01/14​
WP/04​ 4.1​ Air Navigation Performance Dashboard and the Annual Global Air Navigation Report​ -(Presented by the Secretariat) 14/01/14
WP/05 4.2​ Regional Safety Targets ​- (Presented by the Secretariat) 31/01/14​
WP/06 ​4.3​ ​​Aerodrome Certification - (Presented by the Secretariat)



WP/07 4.4​ Implementation of Performance-Based Navigation (PBN)​   - (Presented by the Secretariat) 10/01/14​
WP/08​ 4.5​ Demand and Capacity Balancing (DCB) for Air Traffic Flow Management (ATFM)​ (Presented by the Secretariat) 07/​01/14
WP/09 4.6​ AIM Implementation​  (Presented by the Secretariat) 14/01/14​
WP/10 4.7​ Communications, Navigation, Surveillance (CNS) and Automation as Technical Enablers of the NAM/CAR Regions Performance and Operational Improvements​ - (Presented by the Secretariat) 24/01/14
WP/11 4.8​ MET Improvements​ - (Presented by the Secretariat) 06/02/14
WP/12​ 4.9​ First NAM/CAR Air Navigation Implementation Working Group Meeting;(ANI/WG/1); Air Navigation Implementation Progress and Results,  (Presented by the ANI/WG Chairman) 13/01/14
WP/13​ 5.1​ Port-of-Spain Declaration​  (Presented by the Secretariat) 30/01/14​
WP/14 ​​6.1 ​​ICAO Technical Cooperation Project– Implementation of Performance-Based Air Navigation Systems for the CAR Region (RLA/09/801) – A Tool for Streamlining Air Navigation Implementation​ - (Presented by the Secretariat) 21/01/14
Information Papers
#​ Item ​Title Date​ ​Language
​IP/01​ ​-- ​​List of Working and Information Papers - (Presented by the Secretariat) ​17/02/14
IP/02 2.1​ ICAO Global Air Navigation Plan​ - (Presented by the Secretariat) 14/01/14​
IP/03​ 2.2​ ICAO Global Aviation Safety Plan​,  (Presented by the Secretariat) 31/01/14​
IP/04​ 3.2​ Review of valid conclusions and Decisions from the RASG-PA and  Executive Steering Committee (ESC) Meetings  (Presented by the Secretariat) 31/01/14​
IP/05 3.2​ RASG-PA Annual Safety Reports​ - (Presented by the Secretariat) 31/01/14
IP/06 4.1​ Revised NAM/CAR Regional Performance-Based Air Navigation Implementation Plan (NAM/CAR RPBANIP) Version 3.0​ - (Presented by the Secretariat) 24/01/14​
​# ​Item ​Title Date ​Language
P/01 2.1​ ICAO Global Air Navigation Plan (GANP) - ​(Presented by the Secretariat) 18/02/14​
​P/02 ​​2.2 ​Highlights: Global Aviation Safety Plan - (Presented by the Secretariat) ​18/02/14
​P/03 ​​3.2 ​Progress Report of the Regional Aviation Safety Group – Pan America (RASG-PA) - (Presented by the Secretariat) ​18/02/14​
P/04 6.1​ Approval of the Provisional Meeting Agenda and Schedule ​ - (Presented by the Secretariat) 18/02/14​
Additional Information
​# ​Item ​Title Date ​Language
​-- ​​2.1 ​ICAO Global Air Navigation Plan (GANP) - (Presented by the Secretariat) ​18/02/14
​-- ​​2.2 ICAO Global Aviation Safety Plan (GASP) ​- (Presented by the Secretariat) ​18/02/14​