First NAM/CAR Air Navigation Implementation Working Group
 (ANI/WG/1) Meeting

ICAO NACC Regional Office, Mexico City, Mexico, 29 July to 1 August 2013 


Final Report
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Working Papers 
# Item ​Title ​Date Language
WP/01 ​1 Provisional Agenda and Schedule of the First NAM/CAR Air Navigation Implementation Working Group Meeting, (Secretariat) 19/06/13
WP/02 2​ Review of the Terms of Reference and Work Methodology of the ANI/WG , (Secretariat) 05/07/13​
WP/03 3​ Review and follow-up to relevant and valid conclusions/decisions of the former working groups, E/CAR/CATG/1 Meeting and actions from NAM/CAR ANI/WG Teleconferences , (Secretariat) 11/07/13​
WP/04 4.1​ Twelfth Air Navigation Conference (AN-Conf/12) and Recommendations Implementations of Aviation System Block Upgrades (ASBUs) , (Secretariat) 03/07/13​
WP/05 4.1​ Twelfth Air Navigation Conference (AN-Conf/12) and Recommendations Implementations of Aviation System Block Upgrades (ASBUs) , (Secretariat) 09/07/13​
WP/06​ 4.2​ Final Report of CA/ANE/WG, (COCESNA) 25/07/13​
WP/07​ 4.2​ Progress Report on Air Navigation Implementation in the Eastern Caribbean area, (E/CAR/CATG Chairman) 20/07/13​
WP/08​ 4.2​ Report on the Progress of the Central Caribbean Working Group, (Chairman of the former C/CAR/WG) 25/06/13​
WP/09​ 4.2​ Follow-up on the Implementation of the NAM/CAR Regional Performance Based Air Navigation Plan (NAM/CAR RPBANIP), (Secretariat) 25/06/13​
WP/10​ 4.2​ Progress in ADS-B Activities and Multilateration (MLAT) , (ADS-B Ad-hox Group Rapporteur​) 25/07/13​
WP/11 4.2​ The NAV Canada Air Navigation System Plan , (Canada) 17/07/13
WP/12 4.2​ Follow- up to Aeronautical Mobile Service (AMS) Communications Improvements, ATS Messages Handling Systems (AMHS) and ATS Interfacility Data Communication (AIDC) Implementation , (Secretariat) 25/06/13​
WP/13​ 4.2​ Adoption of the Global Operational Data Link Document (GOLD), Edition 2, (Secretariat) 25/07/13​
WP/14 4.2​ WP/14 4.2 Efficient use of the Airspace, (Secretariat) 11/07/13​
WP/15 4.2​ PBN Airspace Concept Implementation, (Secretariat) 08/07/13​


4.2​ ICAO Regional Technical Cooperation Project for the Caribbean Region – Implementation of the Performance Based Air Navigation Systems for the CAR Region (RLA/09/801) – Tool for streamlining air Navigation Implementation, (Secretariat) 11/07/13​
WP/17 4.2​ The ICAO Position for the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) World Radiocommunication Conference (2015) (WRC-15) and Updates to the ICAO Frequency Policy , (Secretariat) 09/07/13​
WP/18 4.2​ Results of the Implementation of the New ICAO Model Flight Plan (FPL) Form, (Secretariat) 09/07/13​
WP/19​ --​ Cancelled --​ --​ --​
WP/20 4.3​ Review of Regional Performance – Based Metrics and Benefits, (Secretariat) 11/07/13​
WP/21​ 4.4 Air Navigation Training and Human Factors, (Secretariat​) 29/07/13
WP/22​ 4.42 Revised Draft on the NAM/CAR Regional Performance Based Air Navigation Implementation Plan (NAM/CAR RPBANIP) aligned with the ICAO Aviation System Block Upgrade (ASBU) Methodology, (Secretariat) 26/07/13​
WP/23​ 5.1​ Hosting of Air Navigation Implementation Working Group Meetings, (Secetariat)  16/07/13​
WP/24​ 4.2​ ATM-MET-AIM Coordination, (Secretariat) 22/07/13​
WP/25​ 4.2​ National Plans for the Transition from AIS to AIM, (Secretariat) 17/07/13​
WP/26 4.2​ Review of the IPV4 addressing scheme for the Inter/Intra-Regional G-G links of the CAR/SAM, (Dominican Republic) 15/07/13​
WP/27​ 4.2​ Flexible Use of Airspace in the Common Boundary of Habana and Miami FIRs, (Cuba) 24/07/13​
WP/28 ​4.2 New ICAO Flight Plan Model Post-Implementation Monitoring, (Cuba) 25/07/13



Information Papers 
# Item ​Title ​Date Language
IP/01​ --​ List of Working and Information Papers, (Secretariat) 29/07/13
IP/02​ 3​ Review and Follow-up to Relevant and Valid Conclusions/Decisions from DCA´s Meetings, GREPECAS and NACC/WG Related to ATM, AIM and CNS Matters, (Secretariat) 26/07/13​
IP/03 4.2 MEVA III Transition Process Update, (MEVA TMG Coordinator) 27/06/13
IP/04 4.2​ MEVA II E-CAR AFS Network Interconnection Activities, (MEVA TMG Coordinator) 09/07/13​
IP/05 4.2​ ICAO eANP Development​, (Secretariat) 25/06/13​
IP/06​ 4.1​  A Comprehensive Strategy for the Revised Global Air Navigation Plan, (Secretariat) 25/06/13​
IP/07 4.2​ Cooperation Between Canada and the United States, (Canada and United States) 07/07/13​
IP/08 4.2​ ADS-B Via Low Earth Orbiting Satellites: Benefits Assessment, (Canada) 15/07/13​
IP/09 4.2​ Implementation of Reduced Lateral Separation and New RNAV Route Restructure in the Gulf of Mexico, (United States)​​ 08/07/13​
IP/10 4.2​ Global Information Space for Seamless Delivery of Air Traffic Management (ATM) Information, (United States)​​ 08/07/13​
IP/11 4.1​ The Mini-Global Demonstration , (United States)​​ 09/07/13​
IP/12​ 4.2​ Improvements in the PIARCO FIR- System Automation Progress (Trinidad and Tobago) 09/07/13​
IP/13​ 4.2​ Manual of Quality Management System (QMS) for Aeronautical Information Management (AIM) ​, (Secretariat) 09/07/13​
IP/14​ 4.2​ Communication and Surveillance Improvements in the Piarco FIR – Eastern Caribbean, (Trinidad and Tobago) 15/07/13​
IP/15 ​4.1 The evolution of electronic tools and data: A strategic plan for the creation of a community-driven decision-support digital environment for the global aviation community (Secretariat) 15/07/13


# Item ​Title ​Date Language
P/01​ 4.2​ NextGen: the United States’ Modernization Plan, (United States) 29/07/13
P/02​ 4.2 Air Navigation Monitoring and Reporting ANRF, Dashboard and Annual
Report, (Secretariat)
P/03​​ 4.2​ The NAV CANADA – Air Navigation System Plan, (Canada) 30/07/13​
P/04 4.2 ADS-B via Low Earth Orbiting Satellites Benefits Assessment, (Canada) 30/07/13
P/05​ 4.2​ Avionic Equipage Survey 2012, (IATA) 31/07/13​
P/06​ 4.2​ Performance de Comunicación Requerida (RCP) Comunicaciones ATS, (Secretariat) 31/07/13​