​Ninth Central Caribbean Working Group meeting and Seventh Central American Air Navigation Experts Meeting 
ICAO NACC Regional Office, Mexico City, Mexico,
5 to 9 March 2012





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​Final Report






​Number Item​ ​Title
​WP/01 ​1 ​Provisional Agenda and Meeting Schedule
​WP/02 ​2 ​Valid Conclusions/Decisions from the CA/ANE/WG, NACC/WG and C/CAR/WG Meetings
​WP/03 ​3.2 ​Lack or Deficient AMS Service in the CAR Region
​WP/04 ​3.2 ​Follow-up on the Implementation of the NAM/CAR Regional Performance Based Air Navigation Plan (NAM/CAR RPBANIP)
​WP/05 ​3.3 ​Guide for an Action Plan for the eTOD implementation
​WP/06 ​3.3 ​QMS/SMS Harmonization
​WP/07 ​3.3 ​Runway Safety
​WP/08 ​3.2 ​Results on the Implementation of a PBN Airspace Concept
​WP/09 ​3.3 ​Search and Rescue Capacity Assessment
​WP/10 ​3.3 ​Implementation of the ICAO Fuel Savings Estimation Tool – IFSET
​WP/11 ​3.3 ​ICAO NACC Database (ICARD) / Five-Letter Name Codes (5LNCs) and Eliminating Duplication of 5LNCs
​WP/12 ​3.2 ​Results of the Off-Line Tests and Follow-Up to the Implementation of the New ICAO Flight Plan (FPL) Format
​WP/13 ​3.2 ​ICAO Final Position for the ITU Radio Communication Conference 2012 (WRC-2012)
​WP/14 ​3.3 ​Progress on ADS-B Update and multilateration
​NE/15 ​3.2 ​Informe de avances del plan de acción del Comité ATM del CA/ANE/WG
​WP/16 ​4.1 ​CA/ANE/WG and C/CAR/WG Terms of Reference (ToRs) and Work Methodology review and update
​WP/17 ​5 ​Block Upgrades (ASBU) Methodology and update of the performance-based air navigation implementation plans
​WP/18 ​5.1 ​Host and Dates of the Next CA/ANE/WG and C/CAR/WG Meetings
​WP/19 ​3.1 ​Relevant Aspects Related to Aeronautical Training in the CAR Region
​WP/20 ​3.1 ​ICAO Regional Technical Cooperation Project for the Caribbean Region – “Implementation of the Performance Based Air Navigation Systems” RLA/09/801
​WP/21 ​3.3 ​Transition from MEVA II to MEVA III
​WP/22 ​3.3 ​WIFS Transition Status Update
​WP/23 ​3.3 ​50 NM Lateral Separation and RNAV Route Structure in the Gulf of Mexico
​NE/24 ​3.2 ​Avance de implementación de la gestión de afluencia de tránsito aéreo (ATFM) en la FIR Centroamérica
​NE/25 ​3.2 ​Consideraciones sobre eTOD en la transición del AIS a la AIM en Centroamérica
​WP/26 ​3.2 ​Progress Report on Activities and Updated Work Plan of the CNS Committee of the CA/ANE/WG
​NE/27 ​3.2 ​Avances en la implementación del nuevo formulario de plan de vuelo presentado (FPL) de la OACI
​WP/28 ​3.2 ​Avance en el establecimiento de los requisitos normativos para la implementación del PBN
​WP/29 ​-- ​Cancelled
​WP/30 ​3.3 ​Guide ADS-B Cost-Benefit Analysis – Support from CANSO to the Region
​WP/31 ​3.2 ​Implementation of Meteorological Quality System
​WP/32 ​3.2 ​Report of the Progress Achieved in C/CAR/WG
​WP/33 ​3.2 ​Reports of National Plans






​Number Item​ ​Title
IP​/01 ​-- List of Working and Information Papers​
​IP/02 ​2 Conclusions/Decisions from Previous Meetings of Directors of Civil Aviation and GREPECAS ​
​NI/03 ​3.2 ​Avances en las coordinaciones MET en Centroamérica
​IP/04 ​3.1 ​Updates to ICAO SARPs and Current Works of ICAO Expert Panels
​NI/05 ​3.3 ​Renovación de Centro de Control en Centroamérica, implementaciones ADS y operación con radares Modo-S
​NI/06 ​3.2 ​Avances en la modernización del Sistema AMHS
​NI/07 ​3.2 Avances en la gestión del proyecto de implementación del sistema de gestión de la seguridad operacional (SMS) en el servicio ATS de COCESNA ​
​NI/08 3.2​ Avances en la implementación de la transición a la AIM ​
​IP/09 ​3.1 ​Regional Performance Framework – Transition to eANPs
​NI/10 ​3.2 Informe de avance de actividades relacionadas con la coordinación de búsqueda y salvamento (SAR) Comité SAR CA/ANE/WG ​
​IP/11 ​3.3 ATS Interfacility Data Communication Implementation in the Caribbean, North, Central and South American Regions ​
​IP/12 ​3.3 Automatic Dependent Surveillance – Broadcast ADS-B ​
​IP/13 ​3.3 ​Establishment of Regional Maritime Rescue Coordination Centers (MRCCs) in Central America
​NI/14 ​3.2 ​Mejoras en la comprensión situacional en la FIR HAV
​NI/15 ​3.3 Continuidad de los ensayos ADS-B en la FIR HAV ​
​NI/16 ​3.2 ​Avances logrados en la implementación del intercambio automático de datos de vuelo
​NI/17 ​3.2 ​Reporte de avances al Plan Nacional para la implementación del nuevo formulario de plan de vuelo
​IP/18 3.2​ Status of the VHF Coverage in the NW Sector of the Curaçao FIR ​






Number​ Item ​Title
​ND/01 3.2 Informe del Grupo de Trabajo del Caribe Central (C/CAR/WG) ​​
​ND/02 ​3.2 Informe del CA/ANE/WG ​
DP/03​ 3.3​ ADS-B Ad hoc Meeting ​
DP/04​ 3.2 ​​Report of discussions in Ad hoc group VHF comm issues in Central Caribbean
DP/05​ ​3.2 MEVA TMG Report ​
​DP/06 ​3.2 ​Gulf RNAV Routes Ad hoc Meeting




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