Day 1-10 Introcution to LPR on Licenced Maintenance Personnel in Malaysia.pdf
Day 1-11 IFALPA - are we making progress.pdf
Day 1-12 Report of Ukraine - LPRs Technical Seminar.pdf
Day 1-2 ICAO LPRs - from 1996 to now.pdf
Day 1-3 Implementating the Language Proficiency Requirements - Status Report.pdf
Day 1-4 The Implementation and Challenges of LPRs in China.pdf
Day 1-5 LPRs implementation -The Brazilian experience testing pilots.pdf
Day 1-6 Argentina's Perspective.pdf
Day 1-7 ASECNA Experience in Language Proficiency Implementation.pdf
Day 1-8 EASA's perspective on ATCO licensing and language proficiency_for ICAO_25-03-2013_final.pdf
Day 1-9 ELPAC Level 6 English Language Proficiency for Aeronautical Communication.pdf
Day 2-1 How ICAO supports the implementation of the LPRs.pdf
Day 2-2 AELTS.pdf
Day 2-3 ELPAC ICAO test endorsement 25-27 March 2013.pdf
Day 2-4 Test endorsement - a real world case.pdf
Day 2-5 DLH736-1.mp3
Day 2-5 DLH736-2.mp3
Day 2-5 DLH736-3.mp3
Day 2-5 N130TM.mp3
Day 2-5 Target Language use Analysis in Aviation English Testing.pdf
Day 2-6 Designing, evaluating and improving language tests.pdf
Day 3-1 ICAEA RSSTA.pdf
Day 3-2 ICAO RSS Workshop.pdf