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The meteorological (MET) component of the ASBU methodology1.3ICAO and WMO SecretariatEN 
Initial draft roadmap for the world area forecast system (WAFS)2.1ICAO and WMO SecretariatEN 
Draft concept of operations for space weather information services2.2ICAO and WMO SecretariatEN 
Draft concept of operations for advisory services for hazardous meteorological conditions2.2ICAO and WMO SecretariatEN 
Draft concept of operations for radioactive material information services2.1ICAO and WMO SecretariatEN 
The evolution of aeronautical meteorological information exchange in the context of system-wide information management (SWIM)3.2ICAO and WMO SecretariatEN 
Strawman of restructured Annex 3/Technical Regulations [C.3.1] and new PANS-MET5.2ICAO and WMO SecretariatEN 
Development of the satellite distribution system for information relating to international air navigation (SADIS) since the last meteorology (MET) Divisional Meeting, 20022.1United KingdomEN 
Development of the world area forecast system since 20022.1United KingdomEN 
Meteorological services for the terminal area in support of ASBU module B1-AMET2.2ChinaEN 
Nowcasting services to support air traffic flow management and airport operations at the Hong Kong international airport2.2ChinaEN 
Cross-border SIGMET coordination2.2Austria (supported by Belgium, France, Germany, Ireland, Luxembourg, the Netherlands and Switzerland)EN 
European considerations for the further development of the WAFS, IAVW, space weather provisions and radioactive release and toxic chemical clouds provisions2.2EUROCONTROLEN 
System-wide information management developments and foreseen deployment in Europe3.1EUROCONTROLEN
Objective quantification of weather impact on aircraft operations due to significant convection2.2ChinaEN 
Development of windshear alerting service at the Hong Kong international airport2.1ChinaEN 
Development of fine-scale aviation model in support of short-term weather forecasts in Hong Kong, China2.1ChinaEN 
Future amendment cycle of ICAO Annex 34.1ICAO SecretariatEN 
Work on the improvement of SIGMET issuance2.2ChinaEN 
Radiation monitoring and nuclear accident consequence assessment in Hong Kong, China2.1ChinaEN 
Current status of aircraft-based observations and plans for expansion of the AMDAR programme2.2WMOEN 
Himawari-8/9 — Japan’s next generation of geostationary meteorological satellites2.1JapanEN 
Review of radioactive cloud SIGMET messages issued for the Fukushima accident2.2JapanEN 
Provision of aeronautical meteorological services for the XXII Olympic Winter Games and XI Paralympic Winter Games of 2014 in Sochi2.1Russian FederationEN 
SWIM test and demonstration3.2United StatesEN 
European practices on performance-based service provision, aviation crisis coordination and ATM network weather assessment2.1European Commission and EUROCONTROLEN 
Initial 4D trajectory management, foreseen supporting on-board functions and meteorology2.2European Commission and EUROCONTROLEN 
Meteorological service provision and integration developments in the Single European Sky ATM research programme2.1 to 2.3EC and EUROCONTROLEN 
Improvement of aeronautical meteorological information through collaborative information sharing among stakeholders2.2JapanEN 
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