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IP.1.GTM.en - Administrative Arrangements for GTM.pdfIP.1.GTM.en - Administrative Arrangements for GTM07/05/2014 11:58 AM21 KB  
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ICAO-Multidisciplinary-Meeting-on-Flight-Tracking_Participants_2014-05-13.pdfICAO-Multidisciplinary-Meeting-on-Flight-Tracking_Participants_2014-05-1313/05/2014 3:53 PM522 KB  
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Final Global Tracking Meeting Conclusions and  Recommendations.pdfFinal Global Tracking Meeting Conclusions and Recommendations18/09/2014 4:33 PM20 KB  
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COM.8.14.EN.pdfCOM.8.14.EN05/05/2014 6:26 PM323 KB  
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WP.01.final version.pdfWP.01.final version09/05/2014 10:33 PM39 KB  
WP.01.final.version.revised.pdfWP.01.final.version.revised09/05/2014 11:07 PM565 KB  
WP.02.final version.pdfWP.02.final version06/05/2014 9:35 AM23 KB  
WP.03.final version.pdfWP.03.final version06/05/2014 9:35 AM39 KB  
WP.04.IATA.Global Tracking_Industry Task Force.pdfWP.04.IATA.Global Tracking_Industry Task Force09/05/2014 1:06 PM31 KB  
WP.05.EU.Different issues at stake.pdfWP.05.EU.Different issues at stake08/05/2014 9:47 AM54 KB  
WP.06.EU.Aircraft tracking and localisation options.pdfWP.06.EU.Aircraft tracking and localisation options08/05/2014 9:47 AM79 KB  
WP.07.Transmission of flight data.pdfWP.07.Transmission of flight data08/05/2014 11:15 AM30 KB  
WP.08.France.Aircraft tracking.pdfWP.08.France.Aircraft tracking09/05/2014 12:29 PM37 KB  
WP.09.IAOPA.General aviation experience.pdfWP.09.IAOPA.General aviation experience09/05/2014 2:42 PM39 KB  
WP.10.Russian.Use of self organizing airborne networks.pdfWP.10.Russian.Use of self organizing airborne networks12/05/2014 8:21 AM55 KB  
WP.10.Russian.Use of self organizing airborne networks.Revised.pdfWP.10.Russian.Use of self organizing airborne networks.Revised12/05/2014 11:30 AM64 KB