​Mr. Mohamed R. M. Khonji is from the Kingdom of Bahrain, and worked for Civil Aviation Affairs, in the field of Air Traffic Services since 1970, trained and fully licensed Air Traffic Control (ATC) Controller in all ATC positions, until reaching managerial position.

Although having a technical/aviation background, he gained knowledge and experience in management. Attended many management courses in and out of Bahrain, and holds a Masters Degree in Business Administration (MBA).

Mr. Khonji gained experience in planning, implementation and coordination in various fields of Air Navigation and matters of Civil Aviation; he was part of the CNS/ATM project team in the Civil Aviation Affair of Bahrain. He was elected the First Chairman of Middle East Air Navigation Planning and Implementation Regional Group (MIDANPIRG) in November 1994.
In 1998, Mr. Khonji joined ICAO as the Deputy Regional Director for the Middle East Region, in the ICAO Regional Office in Cairo. On 1st January 2005, Mr. Khonji succeeded Mr. A. Zerhouni as the Regional Director for the Middle East Office.