Middle East Regional Monitoring Agency Board Eleventh Meeting (MIDRMA Board/11) Cairo, Egypt, 27 - 29 September 2011 ​





​WP No. ​Agenda Item ​Title
​WP/1 1​ Provisional Agenda​
​WP/2 2​ Review of MIDANPIRG/12, and MIDRMA Board Conclusions and Decisions​
​WP/3 3​ MIDRMA Project (RAB/05/802) Financial Report​
​WP/4 3​ ​MIDRMA Financial Status of Expenditures for Year 2010 and Year 2011 (as of 31 August 2011)
​WP/5 ​4 ​MID RVSM Safety Monitoring Activity
WP/6​ ​4 Draft MID RVSM SMR 2011​
WP/7​ ​4 MIDRMA Height Monitoring Activities​
​WP/8 ​4 Large Height Deviation​
​WP/9 ​4 Asessment of Aircraft Operating in the Middle East RVSM Airspace Without Proof of RVSM Approval​
​WP/10 ​4 MID States Minimum Monitoring Requirements​
​WP/11 ​4 MIDRMA Vertical Collision Risk Software​
​WP/12 ​4 MIDRMA Income from GMU Height Monitoring​
​WP/13 ​4 Development of the MID RVSM SMR 2013​
​WP/14 ​5 Draft MIDRMA Manual​
WP/15​ ​6 ​IDRMA Project Action Plan/Timelines
WP/16​ ​7 Future Work Programme​
WP/17​ ​8 ​Update of the List of MIDRMA Board Members and Alternates


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