The CAFICS office is located in the Headquarters building of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) in downtown Montreal (Quebec), Canada (Suite A.35).


999, rue University
Montreal, QC, CANADA
H3C 5H7

Telephone : +1 (514) 954-8219 x7064

Fax : +1 514 954 6404


Office hours are 13:00 (1 PM) until 16:30 (4:30 PM) on Tuesdays of every week, except for holidays observed by ICAO.


For an appointment on other days, the following members of the Executive Committee can be contacted (CAFICS members may consult the CAFICS Directory for contact details):


Arthur deSMIT, President of CAFICS

Jean BACON, Secretary

Carol HOFFMANN, Vice-President (Editor of CAFICS Bulletin)

Rita DOUESNARD, Vice-President

André CHARBONNEAU, Treasurer

Geoffrey THOMPSON, Membership Secretary

Rachel SAAVEDRA, Social Activities

Jacques DAOUST, Health insurance

Judith HEALEY, Assistant Secretary


Alternatively, a message may be left on the CAFICS office voice mail, including for John Northcut concerning taxation matters.