You can find the list below for the names, positions, and the email for each of the staff in the APAC RSO in Beijing, China.

Hiroyuki TakataATM (ATFM/CDM)HTakata[at]
Huang XiaojiIT Specialistxhuang[at]
HuHo HaATM (PBN)HHa[at]
Liu SongATM (AOM-FUA)Sliu[at]
Liu YingAdmin. Assistant to C/RSO and DCyliu[at]
Ma GangFPP Procedure DesignerGMa[at]
Melissa WeeATM (ATFM/CDM)mwee[at]
Nitin AtaleATM (AOM)natale[at]
Noppadol PringvanichChief, RSONPringvanich[at]
Perhinba RenganathanATM (AOM-ASM)prenqanathan[at]
Xiao JingDeputy Chief, RSOjxiao[at]