Regional Preparatory Group Meeting for ITU World Radiocommunication Conference
(Pattaya, Thailand, 11 – 12 March 2014)
collapse Type Name : 2014 RPG-WRC15 ‎(26)
collapse Category : 1-Report ‎(1)
Report RPG  2015-18 March.pdfReport of RPG for ITU WRC-201526 Mar. 2014Secretariat 
collapse Category : 2-General Information ‎(6)
Invitation letter.pdfInvitation letter18 Feb. 2014Seretariat 
Attachment 2_Revised Meeting bulletin.pdfAttachment 2 - Meeting Bulletin18 Feb. 2014Seretariat 
Attachment 3_revised Nomination form.pdfAttachment 3 - Nomination Form18 Feb. 2014Seretariat 
Attachment 1_Provisional agenda -Rev.1.pdfAttachment 1 - Provisional Agenda18 Feb. 2014Seretariat 
IP-WP template.docIP & WP Template26 Feb. 2014Seretariat 
WRC tentative programme.pdfTentative Programme for WRC-1511 March 2014Secretariat 
collapse Category : 3-Working Papers ‎(4)
WP01_ICAO - Provisional agenda-Rev.1.pdfWP01Provisional Agenda04 Mar. 2014Secretariat 
WP02_ICAO AI.3 - Approach to address new frequency needs.pdfWP02Approach to Address the New Operational Needs for Frequencies such as 8.33 KHZ Spacing in the VHF Bands04 Mar. 2014Secretariat 
WP03_ICAO AI.1 - Outcome of ANC12.pdfWP03Outcome of ANC/12, Regional Follow-up and Preparation for ITU WRC-201504 Mar. 2014Secretariat 
WP04 - ICAO AI.3 - Revised Spectrum Coordination.pdfWP04Aeronautical Frequency Spectrum Coordination and Management in the APAC Region06 Mar. 2014Secretariat 
collapse Category : 4-Information Papers ‎(3)
IP01_ICAO - Meeting Bulletin.pdfIP01Meeting Bulletin06 Mar. 2014Secretariat 
IP02_ICAO AI.3 - Frequency Finder.pdfIP02Frequency Finder06 Mar. 2014Secretariat 
IP03_ICAO AI.3 - website of ICAO global dababase V.2.pdfIP03Website for the ICAO Global Database of Frequency Assignment06 Mar. 2014Secretariat 
collapse Category : 5-Presentations ‎(12)
SP01_AUS-E.Amico_APT Preliminary views.pdfSP01APT Preliminary Views on the various WRC-15 Agenda Items04 Mar. 2014Australia 
SP02_UK-J. Mettrop_Spectrum for MB broadband.pdfSP02Spectrum for Mobile and Broadband04 Mar. 2014United Kingdom 
SP03_NLD-G. Osinga_FSS allocations for unnamed aircraft.pdfSP03Fixed Satellite Service Spectrum to Support the Safe Operation of Unmanned Aircraft Systems04 Mar. 2014Netherlands 
SP04_CAN_J. Taylor_AI.1.7-Review the use of BandAgenda.pdfSP04Review the Use of the Band 5091-5150 MHz by FSS04 Mar. 2014Canada 
SP05_Boeing-J. Cramer_Wireless Avionics.pdfSP05Wireless Avionics Intra-communications (WAIC)04 Mar. 2014Boeing 
SP06_USA-J.Nelsen_AI.1.1 and AI.9.1.5_VSAT Registrations.pdfSP06FSS Earth Station Registration04 Mar. 2014USA 
SP07_USA-M. Biggs_Overview of all aviation relevant agenda items.pdfSP07An Overview of all Aviation Relevant Agenda Items to be Addressed by the next WRC-1504 Mar. 2014USA 
SP08_ICAO_Frequency HB Rev.2014-03-04.pdfSP08ICAO Handbook on Radio Frequency Spectrum Requirements for Civil Aviation, Vol. I - ICAO Spectrum Strategy, Vol. II - Frequency Planning06 Mar. 2014Secretariat 
SP09_ICAO_Aviation Frequency Spectrum Rev.2014-03-04.pdfSP09Aviation Frequency Spectrum and the ITU World Radiocommunication Conference (WRC)06 Mar. 2014Secretariat 
SP10_CAN_J. Taylor - ADS-B LEO presentation Feb 2014 Rev 1.pdfSP10Global ATC Surveillance via LEO Satellite06 Mar. 2014Canada 
SP11_ITU-N. Vassiliev - Spectrum Management and Interference Mitigation.pdfSP11International Spectrum Management and Interference Mitigation10 Mar. 2014ITU 
SP12_ZAF K. Pretorius - Agenda Item 9.1.5.pdfSP12Agenda Item 9.1.5 ITU WRC-1510 Mar. 2014South Africa 

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